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  14. Smoking in bingo halls - e new laws against smoking have made many bingo players stay away from the big bingo halls
  15. Bingo Arrives at Kerryville American Legion - Playing Bingo, Surprisingly means the same to different people. Like Darwin Hunter, Bea Mundahl, Gary and Joan Harper and a lot of others. Their playing bingo for the sheer love of it and the fun and enjoyment they get from it. Winning becomes secondary in nature.
  16. H.O.G.s (Harley Davidson Owners Group) Head to Biker Bingo - The H.O.G.s of Wisconsin held a gathering in the 3 Clans ballroom at the Oneida Bingo and Casino. The event is a 3-day affair featuring a variety of motorcycle-oriented games and the ever-popular, Biker Bingo.
  17. Jackpotjoy Online Bingo Becomes an Online "Cupid" for Couple - Carl and Tracey, who both love to play bingo, met through in a blind date game which eventually lead to a more serious and hopefully, lasting relationship between the two of them. Now, is not only known for its array of gaming options that a gaming crazed person will enjoy, but a place where you can also meet a potential love match.
  18. New Online Bingo Games and Improved Roulette - Bingo Ace UK is offering free games for gamblers. Not only they offer Bingo game but also the new improved Roulette game. Slot machines players can get $2, 000 credits to start.
  19. 10,628 Pound Bingo Jackpot Win -, an Online Bingo site in Britain, recently paid out their second big jackpot win. The lucky player, Angela E., won a whopping 10,779.03 pounds after just spending 4 pounds on playing bingo.
  20. 2005 bingo awards - Read about the 2005 Online Bingo Award, Conducted by WhichBingo to determine this years best online bingo sites.
  21. 51,000 UK Pound Bingo Winner Shares Her Winnings - Bernadette Shepard, a cook who won 51,000 UK Pounds playing bingo at the Buckingham Club kept her promise to share her winnings with her frequent companions, her sister in law and friend.
  22. 80 Year Old Former DHSS Care Home Inspector Becomes Bingo Caller at Wayside New Road Care Home - Gordon Hayward, a former DHSS Inspector of care homes, is now the bingo caller at the Wayside New Road Care Home on bingo nights every Wednesday. He says that it is very fulfilling to see the residents of the care home happy and enjoying the game of bingo.
  23. A Basket Bingo Event for the Shippensburg Men's and Women's Swimming Team - The Shippensburg Men's and Women's Swimming Team announced that they will host a Basket Bingo event on March 25, 2007. The proceeds will be used to help pay for out-of-town competitions.
  24. A Last Chance for Rank - Rank owned Hard Rock cafes located all over the world are up for grabs in the market. Rank is disposing of its assets because of poor business outlooks and things are not looking bright for the company right now.
  25. Statewide Bingo Game - new proposal in Missouri has the bingo community in a frenzy of excitement. A Statewide Bingo Game
  26. ABC Bingo Closes After Twenty Years Due to Sliding Profits - After 20 years, the ABC Bingo Hall held its final game on February 26, 2007. Ms. Anderson, an MS Society official, claims that they have decided to shut down the bingo hall due to sliding profits.
  27. ABC Bingo Facility to Close Down Business Due to Declining Revenues - The ABC Bingo Hall announced that they will be closing down their business. Holly Anderson, VP of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, said that the main reasons are the declining revenues and interest in the game.
  28. ACCA Bingo Honors Veterans at Friday Bingo Night - The ACCA Bingo management honored the countrys veterans last Friday at their Bingo Night. The five veterans were askedto pick a number and when that number was called, players would receive a $5 dollars bonus. The monthly birthday celebrations at ACCA Bingo was also held last friday.
  29. ACCA Bingo Pays Out Huge Jackpot and Plans Holiday Activities - Aside from the big wins in their Powerball Bingo games, December 1st was also a birthday celebration at ACCA Bingo Hall. ACCA Bingo is also sponsoring a Christmas Party for local pre-teen children on December 23rd.
  30. Abilene City Council of Approves Smoking Ban - The Abilene City Council has unanimously approved a citywide smoking ban in Abilene to begin on January 3, 2007, despite objections from concerned citizens during the meeting. The ban will prohibit smoking in bingo halls, bars, restaurants, city parks, concerts, and county jail.
  31. About Us - Learn more about the team.
  32. Actress Linda Robson Criticizes the Shut Down of the Islington Mecca Bingo Hall - Actress Linda Robson criticizes the decision of Rank to close the Islington Mecca Bingo Hall. A lot of the customers of the bingo hall are angry that their feelings on the matter have not been considered.
  33. Alabama halls - Locations of bingo halls in Alabama - United States
  34. Alaska Looking to Repeal the Smoking Law Approved in April - Stomp the Ban has gathered signatures to present to the city council of Anchorage, Alaska aimed at repealing the smoking ban approved in April before it comes into effect on July 2007 next year.
  35. Angry Mecca Bingo Hall Customers in Islington Parks Protest Closure - Mecca Bingo Hall customers in Islington are angry about the intended closure of the bingo hall. They also claim that the officials did not think take them into consideration.
  36. Another Bingo Club Robbery - Five armed men broke into the Gala Bingo Club in Basildon. The suspects made their escape aboard their motorcycles after committing the crime. No one was hurt in the whole incident a;though the robbers did take an employee hostage at one point.
  37. Anti smoking laws - There has been a decline in the participation of the old and seasoned bingo players in bingo halls since the new anti smoking laws
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  45. Armed Robbers Raided the Gala Bingo Hall in Brighton - The Gala Bingo Hall located on Freshfield Road in Brighton was raided again by armed robbers in just a span of three months. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident.
  46. Armed Robbers Steal Cash From Virden Bingo Hall - The RCMP of Virden is looking for the 2 men that robbed a bingo gaming facility in Virden on Sunday, November 26, 2006. The robbers were able to get away, despite being pursued by people from the bingo hall.
  47. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel Issues His Side On Charity Bingo Raffle Games - Arkansas Attorney General McDaniel stated that outsiders will never be allowed to manage charity bingo and raffle games in Arkansas. Sen. Faris said that opinion will be a good legal framework for the Arkansas Legislature.
  48. Authorites Raid Bar and Confiscate Bingo Machines - Police officers raided a popular bar called The Palace on November 27, 2006. Authorities confiscated the bar's Bingo Machines which allow players to win as much as $30,000 in total jackpots.
  49. Authorities in Houma Arrest Pair for Bingo Hall Robbery - Police Authorities in Houma had arrested Timmy Prentice and Garry Prater in connection with the robbery incident at the Mardi Gras Bingo Hall last Monday, November 6th, 2006. The two were then charged of felony theft, with an additional possession of drug paraphernalia for Mr. Garry Prater.
  50. Daily Jackpot of $5,000 Won While Playing From Bathroom - Michelle M. from Dallas won the daily coverall jackpot of $5,000 at while nature gave her a call and she went to the bathroom taking her laptop with her.
  51. Benefit Bingo to Support Chine Youth Museum - A bingo bash will be held on Monday at the Chino Fairgrounds for the benefit of the planned construction of the Chino Youth Museum. Those who are interested can go to the Chino Fairgrounds which is located in the corner of Central and Edison Avenues. Dinner is also available for the participants.
  52. Bigelow Aerospace Center to Launch Space Bingo Game on New Genesis II Module - Las Vegas, Nevada's Bigelow Aerospace Center is preparing the new Genesis II module for its launch next year. The ship will contain a bingo set that monitored by mission control, as well as live insects like cockroaches and ants.
  53. Bingo - More Than a Game for Ocean City Players - Frank Hoover, the 3rd Vice Commander of the American Legion Post in Worcester County, attests to the overwhelming popularity of bingo in Ocean City, claiming that during the Peak Season, about 150-170 people play bingo at the Post.
  54. Bingo A Sure Hit Among Young Players at the Junior League Program - The League of Volunteers, headed by Charon Whitman, has organized a bingo event at the Sutton Children's Hospital in order to give sick children the opportunity to socialize and enjoy themselves. Both the children and the hospital employees are pleased with the idea.
  55. Bingo Ace Lee Walker in Grand Final of the Bingo Caller of the Year Competition - Bingo Caller Lee Walker. more popularly known as
  56. Bingo Card Thief Captured With Help of FBI - Detective Mike McGuffey receive a strange phone call telling him to watch an episode of Americas Most Wanted featuring criminal Warren Lee Back. Back was involved in several crimes including robberies, bingo parlour theft and hold-ups of check-cashing stores in different areas in Indianapolis. He was eventually caught by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  57. Bingo Charities Association Propose Lower Licensing Rates - The bingo halls in Ontario have been greatly affected by the smoking ban that took effect on May 31st. To cope up with the situation, Peter Lindsay, one of the owners of the bingo halls in the area requested the City Council reduce the licensing fee that the bingo halls have to pay.
  58. Bingo Charity Losing Customers to Casino Competitors - Charities are suffering huge losses due to their competitors edge in luring their bingo customers away. To help charities cope up with the problem, they have bee allowed to increased prizes and use gadgets to make it much more easier for players to play.
  59. Bingo culture - Bingo Culture and online bingo culture in the US and Canada is different than thn the UK. This article underscores some of the differences.
  60. Bingo dieting - Bingo Dieting
  61. Bingo Embezzler Targets Santa Clara Vanguard - A former volunteer on the Santa Clara Vanguard organization, Charlotte M. Lucianim has been accused of embezzling funds from the youth group worth more than $50,000 thousand dollars. The Santa Clara Vanguard is an organization which supports its bugle and drums group composed of teenagers from all over the world.
  62. Bingo Enthusiast on a Winning Streak - Lisa Galvin. a 38 years old mother of three, won the Jackpot amounting to 100,000 UK Pounds at Gala Bingo Club. She won the Jackpot prize on the National Bingo Game in what is already her 3rd big win at the bingo club.
  63. Bingo equipment - Bingo Equipment
  64. Bingo Event Held at March Conservative Club - The March Conservative Club hosted a bingo night attended by Mayors and civic dignitaries led by Councilor Jan French. The fundraiser raised a total of 530 UK Pounds that will be added to the money that will be given to local charities in the community.
  65. Bingo Event at Hawkeye Hall Benefits Local Wrestling Club in Virginia - Family members of the Christiansburg Blue Demon Wrestling Club volunteer on bingo nights every Friday and Saturday at Hawkeye Hall in order to help pay the expenses of the Wrestling Team's out-of-town matches.
  66. Bingo Fundraisers Held By Expat's Voice to Benefit E-2 Visa Holders - Expat's Voice is a non-profit organization aiming to change the law in the United States regarding the children of E-2 Visa Holders. They will be holding a bingo event to raise needed funds in support of their efforts.
  67. Bingo Game Held to Benefit Charities - Queer Humboldt, which is Humboldt Countys resource for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community will hold its annual 'Bingo With A Twist' fundraiser for the second year in a row. The event will benefit two charities that the group picked, HIVkids and the planned Alzheimers Center in the County.
  68. Bingo Games Played by Candlelight After Blackout - Lac la Hache Bingos progressive jackpot is already $2,700 dollars and still going up. Just last friday, players were forced to play in darkness because of a power failure. The whole problem was solved with the help of candles, which lit the entire area and allowed th egame to resume.
  69. Bingo Gringos Response to the UIGEA - Bingo Gringo, a well-known online bingo site has announce that they will be leaving their U.S. operations because of the recentpassage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or UIGEA by the House of Congress just recently. They will be focusing theirattention to the growing gaming market in Europe. Bingo Gringo firmly believes that they will be not affected by the UIGEA because of the strength of their European operations.
  70. Bingo Hall Recently Converted into Community Gaming Center Looks to Gain Slot Machine Profits - With their conversion into a Community Gaming Center, Langley Bingo Hall believes now is the time to compete against casinos for a piece of the profits. They will be the first British Columbia Bingo Hall to introduce slot machines.
  71. Bingo Halls File Suit Against Louisville Over Smoking Ban - A group of Louisville Bingo Halls filed a lawsuit on December 6, 2006 against Louisville officials claiming that the smoking ban in Louisville violates both the state and federal constitution.
  72. Bingo Halls in North Dakota Remain Smoke-Free - Proposal to exempt bingo halls from the smoking ban in North Dakota was dismissed February 5th. Critics stated that despite the problematic aspects, they must stick to their positions due to 2nd hand smoke hazards.
  73. Bingo Halls in Northwest Indiana Implement Smoking Ban - Bingo halls in Northwest Indiana have begun implementing smoking bans. Both St. Michaels Catholic School and St. Francis Xaviers Catholic Church said that they do not regret their decision even though it means that they will suffer losses to their revenues and attendance.
  74. Bingo Loving Grandmother Hits the Jackpot - A bingo loving grandmother from Chorley won the jackpot prize of 47,000 pounds from the Mecca Bingo Club on Talbot Road where she usually plays. When asked for a comment about her huge win, she said that she could not ask for a better birthday present than this.
  75. Bingo musical success - Bingo musical success, Bingo Musical Critical Success
  76. Bingo Musical at Stage Door with Actual Bingo Games During Intermission - Bingo, a new bingo musical, has debuted at Stage Door. It is a hilarious comedy concerning a group of friends who are more concerned with the game of bingo than their own men and includes an actual bingo game.
  77. Bingo news - Keep up to date with our featured bingo news about the bingo halls and the online bingo community.
  78. Bingo Numbers Nicknames - A list of the bingo numbers nicknames, as being used at the bingo halls around the world.
  79. Bingo Nights Enable the Marching Band to Continue Playing - The Band Parent Association of Toms River High School East Marching Raiders Band usually runs bingo games every Monday at the East Dover First Aid Squad Building in Toms River, mainly in order to financially support the band.
  80. Bingo Operator in the Capital is Pushing for Tax Cuts Because of the Smoking Ban - Bingo Halls in Scotland will be passing a petition to the Scottish Parliament asking for a tax cut for Bingo halls so that they will be able to cope with the smoking ban and dwindling profits.
  81. Bingo operators - Bingo and online bingo is regulated by governments the world over. This article explains how it works in Texas as an example.
  82. Bingo Organization Gala Coral to Implement Handheld Consoles Due to the Smoking Ban - In a move to protect their profits, UK bingo organization, Gala Coral, plans to use handheld gadgets so that their players can continue to play outside in spite of the smoking ban enforced on July 1st.
  83. Bingo Player Wins the 200,000 UK Pound Jackpot at the Mecca Bingo Hall in Islington - A lucky teaching assistant and mother of 2 from Islington is the winner of the National Bingo Game Jackpot Prize of 200,00 pounds, in addition to the 1,522 pound regional prize, and the 153 pound house prize.
  84. Bingo Players Foil Robbery Attempt in Edmonton Bingo Hall - Employees and regular players foiled a robbery attempt at Fort Road Bingo last Wednesday, December 27, 2006. After the man fell through the roof of the bingo hall, they pinned him down until police arrived at the scene.
  85. Bingo Playing Grandmother Found Guilty In Marijuana Case - 61 year old Leticia Villareal of Arizona will be sentenced on December 18, 2006 for possession of illegal drugs in her car. She trafficked drugs to support her bingo habit.
  86. Bingo Resumes at St. Thomas by the Sea - Bingo Games at the St. Thomas Catholic Church will start again on December 28, 2006. All proceeds will be given to Mary's Shelter, an organization that houses pregnant women and provides them with a safe haven.
  87. Bingo safety - Bingo safety, Safety Bingo
  88. Bingo Terminology - Learn the basic terminology used in bingo halls for a better understanding of our rules and guides.
  89. Bingo Winners of Newsday Bingo - The Grand Draw for the Newsday Bingo Game aired on Channel 4 on December 7, 2006. The host of the event, Mairoon Ali, was assisted by Tricia des Isles of Pannell Kerr Foster. The winners of the event were Anthony Boynes, Eugenia Teemul-Fraser, Monica Bousigard, and Charmaine Caesar.
  90. Bingo accessories - Bingo accessories are lovely elements that personalize the Bingo game. read for more information.
  91. Bingo and Pub Sales Hurt by Smoking Ban - Rank Group and Pub Group Green King both reported sales drops in the recent months following the implementation of the Scottish smoking ban. The results may serve as a harbinger of things to come as Britain prepares for its own smoking ban in 2007.
  92. Bingo and Raffle Games Get Mixed Reception from Arkansas Locals - The non-profit organizations based in Arkansas have mix reactions about the propose bingo and raffle amendment entitled 'Amendment I'by Rep. Shirley Borhauer of R-Bella Vista. Some charities viewed it as a nice change that would legally allow them to hold bingo and raffle fundraisers so that they could raise the money that they need for their project.
  93. Bingo and Raffle Games Given the Thumbs Up In Arkansas - Voters in Arkansas have approved Amendment I, thus legalizing bingo and raffle games in the state of Arkansas. Benny Petrus, the new House Speaker of Arkansas said that he and his fellow legislators will immediately create laws to regulate bingo and raffle gaming in the state.
  94. Bingo Halls Alberta and British Columbia - Bingo Halls Alberta and British Columbia, Bingo halls in Canada, Alberta and British Columbia
  95. Bingo Halls Manitoba and Montreal and New - Bingo Halls Manitoba and Montreal and New, Bingo halls in Canada, Manitoba and Montreal and New Brunswick
  96. Bingo Halls Newfoundland and Labrador and - Bingo Halls Newfoundland and Labrador and, Bingo halls in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia
  97. Bingo Halls Ontario - Bingo Halls Ontario, Bingo halls in Canada, Ontario
  98. Bingo Halls Quebec - Bingo Halls Quebec, Bingo halls in Canada, Quebec
  99. Bingo Halls Toronto and Ottowa and Prince - Bingo Halls Toronto and Ottowa and Prince, Bingo halls in Canada, Toronto and Ottowa and Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan
  100. Bingo Halls Alabama - Bingo Halls Alabama, Bingo halls in USA, Alabama
  101. Bingo Halls Alaska - Bingo Halls Alaska, Bingo halls in USA, Alaska
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  146. Bingo halls list - Bingo halls list across USA and Canada
  147. Bingo millionaires - Bingo millionaires, Bingo is the best bet to be a millionaire!
  148. Bingo parties - Learn how to organize your own bingo party at home.
  149. Bingo websites - Bingo Sites, Bingo websites
  150. Bingo's Great Contribution to the State of Virginia - The Bingo Industry at the state of Virginia earned $48 million in total funding just last year for the state, the operators and the charities. A retired Nelson County Public School teacher, started the bingo games in hopes of raising enough funds to improve their school about 20 years ago.
  151. Caters to Female Bingo Players - is a new online bingo website which caters mainly to the predominently female clientele. It also contains reviews of all websites that can be found in the United Kingdom. The sites are tested and reviewed by a team of testers and rated based on their findings.
  152. Announces Their First Ever Team Online Bingo Event - recently announced their Team Bingo Event. Those who want to join the event must compose a team of 4 or join other teams. Winners will get 2 million loyalty points or the monetary equivalent of 2,000 pounds from the site.
  153. Won the Best Online Bingo Overall Prize for January 2006 - has won the January Best Bingo Overall award from according to votes made by online bingo players.
  154. launches Annual Online Bingo World Championship -, which is one of the largest online bingo sites in the business announces its Annual World Chmapionship of Online Bingo. The Main event for the tournament will be held on July 20, 2006. The eventual world champion will walk away with $10,000 dollars in cash and the World Champions trophy.
  155. Birthday Celebrants Honored and Acknowledge at Bingo Night in ACCA - ACCA is celebrating 'Birthday Night' every second Friday of the month. ACCA offers lots of exciting games and prizes including powerball. The prices for the games are at reasonable rate that everyone can afford.
  156. Blackpool Bingo Offers Free Play to Customers - Online bingo site Blackpool Bingo will offer a free-play special for the third time this July 14. Blackpools reason for doing it is because of their players enthusiastic response to the first two editions of the game and the publicity that it generates for the bingo site.
  157. Blackpool Bingo offers Freeplay 6x100 UK pounds Jackpot Games starting on June 2, 2006 - For the second time around, Blackpool Bingo, one of the industrys leading name in online gaming will held its freeplay 6xPounds Sterling: 100 Jackpot Games starting on June 2, 2006. The Blackpool management considered helding the free play for a second time because many participants from the first time offered very good feedback.
  158. Bodog Indictment Raises Questions in Canada - The seizure of Bodog and arrest of its founders by the US highlights the different attitudes of the US and Canada to online gambling.
  159. Bookmaker William Hill Considering a Takeover Bid for Rank - Bookmaker William Hill has announced their intentions of making a takeover bid for Rank. Fellow bookmaker, Ladbrokes and other American companies, like Harrah are also interested in making a bid for Rank.
  160. Boys and Girls Club Finds New Bingo Venue - The Boys and Girls Club, according to interim director Sullentic, is considering moving its bingo operations to the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds. It suspended its bingo operations in June because it was no longer profitable for the club.
  161. Breckland Club Player Wins 100,000 UK Pound Bingo Jackpot - A 59-year old British grandmother, Val Philipps, won the jackpot of 100,000 UK Pounds in Breckland Club located in Brandon, England. The National Bingo Game is considered one of the largest computerized games in United Kingdom after Lottery.
  162. Brett Hyrjak Declared National Champion of the Bingo Caller of the Year of Competition - The National Champion of the Bingo Caller of the Year of Competition held at the Gala Bingo Club in South East London is Brett Hyrjak from Bognor Regis Gala Bingo Club. Brett said that he still can't believe that he's the champion.
  163. Bridgeport Hispanic Center Debuts With a New Bingo Hall - The new Hispanic Center of Bridgeport opened on December 21, 2006. Aside from the various activities in the center, it will also serve as Bridgeport's new bingo hall.
  164. Britain's Bingo Halls Accommodate Smokers and Non-smokers Amidst Smoking Ban - Britain's Bingo operators are preparing for the smoking ban to be enforced in England and Wales next year. Some operators are installing portable handheld devices to allow customers to continue playing their game during a smoking break.
  165. British Smoking Ban Might Hurt Bingo Halls - Anti-smoking legislations would come into force and many bingo halls operators fear that players would stop play and turn to online bingo games instead
  166. British Columbia Lottery Closed Down The Totem Bingo Palace in North Coast - The BCLC decided to close the Totem Bingo Palace due to the uncomfortable playing environment. Until the new facility opens, the 35 charities will continue to receive money.
  167. Bingo Company sold for Millions - Read the story of The Buckingham Bingo Company, which was sold during last week for the unbelievable amount of £90 million.
  168. Burnley Landscape Gardener Wins Jackpot at Gala Bingo - A landscape gardener from Burnley is the lucky winner of the 53,000 Pound Jackpot Prize at the National Bingo Game at the Gala Bingo Hall in Burnley. He was able to achieve a full house in just 43 numbers.
  169. Buy-out Firm Leads in Hard Rock Cafe Sale - One of the leading potential buyers for Ranks Hard Rock Cafe is Permira, a buyout firm. Talks between the two parties have already begun, but there is no final decision yet on the part of Rank, owner of Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casino, regarding the matter.
  170. Calgary Smoking Ban Challenged by Lawsuits - The pubs and bingo halls in Calgary are planning to legally challenge the smoking ban that will be enforced throughout the city on January 1, 2008. Mike Joseph, president of the Calgary Pub and Bar Association said that the ban would affect revenues of the halls and their ability to generate good money for the charities.
  171. Cartoonist Plays Bingo with Syndicated Cartoon Submissions - Aaron Johnson has utilized his submitted syndications so that he can play a bingo game. He sent requests to several syndicators in an attempt at syndication and has created a bingo card to show the results.
  172. Casino on South Manchester: To Be or Not To Be? - The residents of South Manchester strongly believe that the opening of a casino near the school will only bring destruction among students and its residents. However, the Buckingham Bingos chief executive defends the situation. The bingo that has been there for long will still continue to operate; they will just the small scale casino to answer the demand of their customers. If many had opposed yet there are still some residents who supports the idea of the casino plan.
  173. Catawba High Stakes Bingo Reigns in Palmetto State - South Carolina, with its beautiful sceneries, is considered a prime destination for a good vacation. But right now, the state is also becoming known as a good destination for people who want to play a good round of bingo or poker or to simply put it, to gamble.
  174. Charities Leases Terminated by Bingo Center Owner - The new Bingo Center owner, New Amoskeag, terminated the leases of charities using its premises. UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center and Prayer Hall stands to lose up to $180,000 in revenues over the next year unless they find a suitable venue to continue their games.
  175. Christmas Wins at the Gala and Hearns Crown Bingo Clubs - In the last week of 2005, two lucky bingo players hit the big jackpot at the Gala Club and Hearns Crown Club as well.
  176. Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Company Stops Bingo Games - The Clear Springs Volunteer Fire Department Company announced that they are suspending their bingo fundraisers until the first week of August. The reason is that some employees of the department that are involved in the fundraisers are being investigated for allegations of wrongdoings related to the bingo games.
  177. Construction of Large Bingo Hall on St. Ann's Road Raises Criticism - Residents in Campbell River are worried that the 'ugly' construction walls of Bingo Palace will be an eyesore in the downtown area. However, the owner claims that once construction is complete it will be beautiful.
  178. Copyrightinformation - - Copyright Information
  179. Cow Pie Bingo at the RHS - The Band Boosters of the Robertsdale High School will held a Cow Patty Bingo Event and Carnival on Saturday, November 11, 2006to raise money for the trip of the Golden Bear Band to the 2007 Sugar Bowl where they have been invited to perform during the halftime. Tickets for the event is at $10 dollars each and can be brought to any band boosters member.
  180. Cow Plop Bingo Winner Announced - One of the cows in the 'Cow-Plop' Bingo event that washeld in the Meredith Dairy Festival, Firebelle, bravely completed her task of marking the winning numbered square amidst the strong winds that have buffeted the festival that day. The winner of the event is Mark Robbins of West Oneonta.
  181. Anti-Smoking Regulations Find Dakotas Bingo Halls Ready - The public anti smoke regulations have come into force in North Dakota and many Bingo halls adjusting only now to the new status.
  182. Delaware Officials Implement No-Smoking Policy in Bingo Halls and Restaurants - The main supporters of the smoking ban have finally succeeded in ensuring that the air in Delaware County will be clear from now on. The smoking ban will be implemented in businesses of the area, such as bingo halls and restaurants.
  183. Disclaimer - - Disclaimer
  184. Drug Smuggling to Sustain her Bingo Addiction Lands Leticia Vilareal in Prison - 61 year-old Leticia Villareal was sentenced by the federal jury to 3-12 years in prison for smuggling illegal drugs in her car in order to sustain her bingo addiction.
  185. Evansville Indiana Deliberates Whether or Not to Allow Smoking at Bingo Games - A fire that damaged a school in Evansville, Indiana, has raised the question of whether smoking will still be allowed at bingo nights. Diocese officials in Evansville are still deliberating the matter.
  186. FarePak Incident Victims Win 100,000 Pound Jackpot Prize - A group of friends from Fife are now celebrating their 100,000 pound Jackpot prize from the National Bingo Game. The members of the group had promised each other that if any of them won, they would share it with the group.
  187. Female Bingo Players Create World Cup Widows Club - 6 bingo playing women who had the mutual dislike of the world cup, decided to band together to create an online website that is designed to help wives and girlfriends to cope up with this stressful month. Membership does not limit to the female gender but rather some of its members from around the world are reportedly from the male gender.
  188. Female Chef Wins 200,000 Pound Jackpot Prize at Winner's Club - Yaowaluck Nakkong, a 53 year-old chef, is the winner of the National Bingo Game's Jackpot Prize. She intends to pay-off her mortgage and take an extended vacation with the 200,000 pound prize.
  189. Fonger Unit No. 179 Auxiliary Holds Bingo Night for Christmas Charity - The Neal E. Fonger Unit No. 179 Auxiliary believes that even simple presents could make a huge difference in a child's outlook on life. This holiday, they are planning to raise about $165,000 during their bingo fundraiser for the cause.
  190. Fontana Breakfast Lion Club Hosts a New Year's Bingo Party - The Fontana Breakfast Lion Club will be offering breakfast bingo to their players on January 1, 2007. According to Frank Bruce, Bingo Chairman at the Lion Club, it is their way of thanking their players for supporting them throughout the year.
  191. Former Bingo Addict from Morgantown Jane Skavinsky Becomes Gambling Addiction Counselor - Jane Skavinsky, a former bingo addict from Morgantown, is speaking out about her past experience after embezzling $250,000 to support her bingo addiction. She is now a counselor for former gambling addicts like herself.
  192. Fort Frances Bingo Hall to Close Down Permanently December 31, 2006 - The Fort Frances Bingo Hall in Ontario, Canada announced that it will be closing permanently due to economic reasons. Linda Larocque, VP of the Fort Frances Bingo Association said that they are shocked by the news.
  193. Fort Rouge Legion Bingo Hall Dismisses 13 Employees - The spokesman of the Legion Bingo Hall, Doug Fisher, said that due to dwindling revenues, they could not accommodate their employees' request for a wage hike and were thus forced to let 13 employees go.
  194. Free Bets at Platinum Play Casino - Platinum Play is offering 1500 free bets to new players and other great promotions.
  195. Friday Bingo Night at ACCA Bingo - The ACCA is holding a bingo night on Friday which will feature several new payouts promotions for their players. The new promotions are designed to increase the popularity of the bingo games and give non-winning players the chance to win without a 'bingo.'
  196. Gala Bingo Player Wins 202,000 Pound Jackpot Prize - A 54 year-old woman was the winner of the 202,000 pound Jackpot Prize in the National Bingo Game on Sunday, December 3, 2006. She said the winnings will be enough to sustain her until the age of 65 without working.
  197. Gala Bingo Site Disappeared Without Notice - Gala Bingo's online bingo site disappears without notice leaving the online gambling industry and players puzzled.
  198. Gay Bingo - Not Your Typical Bingo Game - Gay Bingo is one of the most popular bingo events in Texas. The main beneficiary is the John Thomas Gay and Lesbian Center situated in Dallas. The Gay Bingo Event raises $7,000 - $9,000 per month.
  199. Georgetown Officials May Ban Smoking During Bingo Games - Approximately 60% of the Bingo players in Georgetown smoke while playing Bingo games. In order to alter the situation, Georgetown CityCouncil is contemplating passing legislation banning smoking in the city.
  200. Glasgow Bus Driver Hits Mecca Bingo Hall Jackpot - An unidentified bus driver from Glasgow, Scotland won Mecca Bingos jackpot prize of 100,000 Pounds. The bus driver was playing bingo in Mecca Bingo Hall while waiting for his passengers, who were also playing bingo, when he unexpectedly hit the bingo jackpot.
  201. Gloria Williams and Rita Tipton Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison for Bingo Fraud - Gloria Williams and Rita Tipton were sentenced to 63 months in prison on the charges of 1 count of conspiracy, 2 counts of mail fraud and 3 counts of tax evasion last September 21. 2006.
  202. Guam Golfers Join Pacific Games Fundraising Using Bingo - The Guam National Golf Federation is holding bingo games to raise money needed for the upcoming Pacific Games in Samoa. The doors of the Guam International Country Club open at 5:30 p.m. and the bingo game starts around 7:15 p.m.
  203. Hearing for Video Bingo Regulations Set in Livingston - A.C. 'Buddy' Mincey, Chairman of the Livingston Parish Council will decline the video bingo proposal for their community unless money will be allotted to an animal shelter.
  204. Heritage Day Celebrations in Murphys - Murphys will hold its annual Heritage Day Celebration this Sunday. Organizers of the festival have prepared a varied of activities that visitors will enjoy like bingo games, parades, lunch, brass band music and more.
  205. House Legislature has Passed the Rules Needed for Bingo Gaming in Arkansas - The House Legislature has approved of the regulations that are needed for the bingo and raffle games. Charitable Bingo and Raffle Games in Arkansas have been approved by the voters on November 7, 2006.
  206. Indian Tribes to Review Class II Gaming Machines - There are looming problems that can posed a significant threat to the welfare of the indian tribes both economically and otherwise. One of the sources of this problem is the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Department of Justice and the Senate Bill 2078 ammending the Johnson Act.
  207. Iowa Department of Gaming Probes Bingo Losses at Boys and Girls Club - As The Gaming Department of Iowa investigates the financial problems that brought down the Boys and Girls Club, they are focusing particularly on the anomalies found in the clubs bingo activities and record keeping.
  208. Iowa Officials Clamp Down on Bingo Games at Fort Dodge - The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals seeks to close down bingo operations of the Fort Dodge Dragoons. The main reason is that Fort Dodge Dragoons officials are laundering money intended for the Fort Museum and Frontier Village.
  209. Jackpot Prize Of $5,000 For Cow Pie Bingo Winner - The Middletown Reformed Church headed by Pastor Harris is sponsoring a 'Cow Pie Bingo' event in which the winner can win as much as $5,000 dollars. Individuals purchase tickets for a bingo space with the winner declared based on where the cow drops the pie.
  210. Jackpot Prizes Continue to Grow at ACCA Bingo - There was no winner at the ACCA Bingo Jackpot last Friday, but players mustn't lose hope because the same jackpot prizes are at stake the very next bingo night and they will continue to grow in Progressive Jackpots.
  211. Jackson County Mississippi May Get High-End Bingo - The Choctaw Indian Tribe of Mississippi and state officials are discussing an agreement regarding a new casino gaming establishment in Jackson County and some changes to the previous one that was agreed and signed upon by Chief Philip Martin and the then Gov. Kirk Fordice of Mississippi.
  212. Jane Stevens Wins 100,000 Pound Bingo Jackpot at the National Bingo Game - Jane Stevens won the 100,000 pound Jackpot Prize of the National Bingo Game at the Mecca Bingo Hall in Exeter. She plans to buy a new home and pay off the mortgage on her old home with her prize money.
  213. Joyce Reeves Wins Lancashire Telegraph Bingo - Joyce Reeves was the winner of Lancashire Telegraph Bingo on February 10, 2007. Reeves said that she will now be able buy things for their kitchen with her winnings.
  214. Judge Rules that Bingo sa Barangay is Lawful in Baguio - Judge Esteves declared that Bingo sa Barangay activities of the Association of Barangay Councils in Baguio are legal and binding under the constitution, which states that every Local Government Unit has the right to conduct activities to raise funds.
  215. Bingo Fraud Charges in Kentucky - Previously this month four seniors in Kentucky were indicted on charges of deceiving the US government by not reporting $782,000 that were supposedly stolen from a local bingo charity to the IRS
  216. Kentucky Receives $36,300 to Prevent Gambling Sponsored Terrorism - Kentucky officialsn receive a $36,300 dollars grant from the Office of the Homeland Security to be use to make sure that revenues from bingo games will not be used for terrorism. Although many do not believe that a bingo hall in a small state like Kentucky would attract potential terror suspects and the money should be use instead to stop local
  217. Kingsway Bingo Hall to Shut Down as a Result of Unreasonable Taxes and Smoking Ban - The Kingsway Bingo Hall may soon be closed down to give way for the Smith and Jones Bar by the Barracuda Group. The move will cause the players of the bingo hall to become 'homeless'.
  218. Legislators To Pass Laws Allowing Charitable Bingo to Operate this Coming Winter - Although the Bingo Amendment has been given an overwhelming nod of approval by Arkansas' voters, that is only the first step. Legislators still have to pass laws that will enable bingo and raffle games this coming winter.
  219. Linda Robson Leads the Petition Aim at Protecting Bingo - On March 5th, the group 'Stop Destroying My Bingo' led by Linda Robson, petitioned the government about taking action to help bingo survive problems like the smoking ban and high taxes.
  220. Lions Bingo Club Funds Center for Physically Challenged - New center for physically challenged students of UWI to be built with funds gathered by the Lions Bingo Club of Kensington.
  221. Littlefield Corporations Troy Zinn resigns as Chief Financial Officer - Littlefield Corporation announce the resignation of their Chief Financial Officer, Troy Zinn which is effective immediately. The company has not given the reason on Zinns abrupt resignation and expects to have a replacement named no earlier then two months from now..
  222. Longaberger Basket Bingo to Help Just for Kids Foundation - Cecil Van Dyke, Executive Director of the Just for Kids Foundation organized a Longaberger Basket Bingo Event to offset the operational costs of their 2 centers. They hope to raise around $3,000 for the cause.
  223. Lucky Player Wins Big Playing Slots Game at Sky Vegas Casino - A lucky online casino player recently won a massive £147,000 jackpot when playing the exciting slots game Leprechaun’s Luck at Sky Vegas casino.
  224. Lutheran Church Raised Funds for Possible Mission with Bingo Event - The First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dillon held a bingo charity event this Sunday to raise funds for Possible Mission, a charity program that builds residents for low-income citizens in Mexico.
  225. Machine Similar to Bingo is Gaining Popularity in South Africa - SA Chairman of the Limited Payout Machine Association said that the bingo terminals are the same as the electronic gaming machines. The SA legislation is already thinking of regulating these machines.
  226. Macon County Sheriff David Warren Implicated in Bingo Lawsuit - Nonprofit organizations in Macon County filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Warren. The lawsuit alleges that Sheriff Warren has authorized rules that have helped VictoryLand monopolize bingo gaming in the county.
  227. Manchester Non-Profits to Move Bingo Games to Warehouse - Several non-profit organizations lost their space at Amoskeag Bingo Center last August, but found a new home in a warehouse space in East Manchester. They are still awaiting approval from the Manchester Zoning Board of Adjustment.
  228. Martin Rollo Wins 30,000 Pounds in Sunday Mail Superbingo - Martin Rollo won the 30,000 Pound Jackpot prize at the SuperBingo of the Sunday Mail. He said that he plans to use his winnings to buy his dream car and shower his family with gifts.
  229. McClain Pleads Guilty in Bingo Tournament Skimming - Earl Gene McClain, a 63-year old man from Cattlesburg, Kentucky pleaded guilty to the charges filed against him at the Boyd County Court in Cattlesburg, Kentucky. In exchange for a lesser sentence, McClain agreed to testify for the state and help investigators on the case against his co-accused in the case.
  230. Mecca Bingo Feels the Smoking Ban Impact - Mecca Bingo, owned by the Rank Group, suffered a 14% revenue drop since the implementation of smoking ban in Scotland. Mecca explores some new strategies to counter the drop in revenues and convince bingo players to remain loyal to their bingo halls.
  231. Mecca Bingo Greyhound Way Pays Out 20,000 UK Pounds - A grandmother living in Southend has recently won the 20,000 UK Pounds jackpot prize from her favorite Mecca Bingo club in Greyhound Way. When asked on what she will do with her winnings, she said that she will spend it on her pets, who are her constant companions.
  232. Mecca Bingo Hall Officials Apply for Permit to Build Smoking Shelters for Smoking Customers - Mecca Bingo Hall Officials have applied for a license to build smoking shelters for their smoking customers. This is one of the ways they intend to prevent the slide of their profits.
  233. Mecca Bingo Halls Hit Hard by the Smoking Ban in Scotland - On December 7, 2006, the leisure and gaming group, Rank, offered further evidence that their Mecca Bingo Halls are suffering from the effects of the smoking ban. In turn, this has affected Rank's overall performance and profits.
  234. Mecca Bingo to Help Their Customers Quit Smoking - On February 17th, Mecca announced that they are planning to help their customers quit smoking so that they will be able to cope with the ban. Mecca has also closed 9 bingo branches in response to the ban.
  235. Milwaukee Division of Gaming Files Complaint Against Boston Store Bingo - An employee from Milwaukee's State Division of Gaming has reported ongoing illegal bingo games at the Boston Store Cafe. The managers of the store said that they had no idea that it was illegal.
  236. Missouri Reaches 25th Year of Legal Bingo - Bingos 25th anniversary in Missouri is just as important as the anniversary of the interstate system and McDonalds. Bingo has come a long way from its 14th century origin as Italys lottery, Lo Giuoco del Lotto DItalia, to the 1981 legalization in Missouri.
  237. Montgomery Woman Wins $1.1 Million Playing Bingo at Quincy Triple Seven Casino - Cynthia Brown won the $1.1 million bingo jackpot at the Quincy Triple Seven Casino. Previously, she won $50,000 in the bingo jackpot.
  238. Multimedia Games Inc. Suffers Fourth Quarter Profit Loss - Video Lottery and Bingo Machine Maker, Multimedia Games Inc. announced that they have experienced a loss in this year's 4th quarter profits, while replacing their old machines with the new Class II Bingo Machines.
  239. Poker - The New Bingo - Are bingo games losing their popularity? Read here about the new phenomena of poker tournaments which replace bingo events lately.
  240. New Jersey retries online gambling legalization - The state of New Jersey tries to legalize online gambling considering DoJ's change of view on online gambling.
  241. New hampshire State Officials Allow Bingo Operators 50% Tax Cut - State officials allowed the bingo operators proposal of a 50% percent tax cut. Charities can hire consultants and any arrangement that they agreed regarding pay will be between the two of them. A new law, House Bill 1744 states that charities must get a minimum of 35% of the revenues from games operated by consultants.
  242. No Fee Cuts for the Lindsay Bingo Charities Association - The committee board of Ontario has declined to give the Lindsay Bingo Association a 3% cut in their licensing fees, mainly because they do not see any improvement in profits.
  243. No Smoking Rule Imposed on Good Shepherd School Bingo Nights - Bishop Gettelfinger of the Catholic Diocese of Evansville announced that starting January 2, 2007, they will not allow smoking in diocese facilities. They want to prevent any other occurrences like the fire that raised the school last week after Bingo night.
  244. Non-Profit Organizations in Quebec Feel the Pinch of the Bingo Smoking Ban - Non-profit organizations in Quebec are asking the government to modify the existing smoking ban in Quebec to allow bingo halls to set aside an area for smokers in their bingo halls.
  245. North Dakota State House Decides to Keep Bingo Halls Smoke-Free - The North Dakota State House has decided to keep the smoking ban on bingo halls in place. The appeal to reverse the ban was defeated in a 47-42 vote.
  246. North seattle free bingo games - In the China Jade bar and other bars in North Seattle bingo games are the new hot trend that attracts customers every Saturday.
  247. Online Bingo Growing As Scottish Smoking Ban Begins - Bingo halls and different establishments are beginning to feel the effects of the smoking ban in Scotland whih was implemented three months ago. The online bingo industry there is on the upswing, benefitting from the same law.
  248. Online Bingo Market Looks Towards Europe as New Engine for Growth in Bingo - With the effects of the UIGEA on the online gaming industry in the U.S., online gaming companies are exploring new avenues of growth around the world. On December 7th, 2006, the CEOs of, Think Bingo and will be attending a conference in London to discuss their joint strategy in dealing with these changes.
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  266. Online Bingo Review Site for Women - is an online bingo review site which reviews and rates bingo websites across U.K. main goal is to help bingo enthusiasts especially women to pick the right website that can really help them and are suited and appropriate for their needs especially as a bingo player.
  267. Online Casino Player Crowned as Queen of Bingo - has crowned Barbara F as its first Queen of Bingo in a recent tournament ending on Juky 20th. Barbara was awarded $10,000 cash prize in addiiton to her title. says this is the first in its series of tournaments in the coming weeks.
  268. Opening of New Bingo Hall Buckingham Bingo in New Hall Lane Preston - The Buckingham Bingo in New Hall Lane Preston will be opened on March 8, 2007. Buckingham Bingo has spent around 4.1 million pounds in constructing the bingo hall in New Hall lane.
  269. Orangeville and District Bingo Hall Closes Due to Smoking Ban - The Board members have decided to close the Orangeville and District Bingo Hall due to poor performance. It was a difficult decision for them, knowing that most of the community's charities rely on the money raised at the bingo hall.
  270. PacificNet Incorporated Unveils Electronic Bingo Machines - PacificNet Incorporated announced that their Take1 Electronic Bingo Machines will be launching onto the gaming market. According to Chairman/CEO Tony Tong, many bingo halls have tested their machines and are perfectly satisfied with the product.
  271. Parliament to Consider Sunday Gambling and Bingo in Ireland - British Government Officials announced that they are considering amending the current law in Ireland which states that bookmakers and bingo halls must be closed on Sundays, as a result of the intense lobbying of bookmaker groups.
  272. Party Gaming Acquires PartyBingo.Com - Party Gaming recently acquired is already in the process of adding a lot more interesting features to its site which include a chat feature, bigger jackpots and more. These changes will be unveiled at the end of the month.
  273. PartyGaming Reveals Financial Impact of UIGEA - PartyGaming announced that they are slowly recovering from the blow they have received as a result of the passage of the UIGEA. The main difficulty they have encountered is that some of their big players have moved to operators that are ignoring the ban.
  274. Picket Line Activities Delay Bingo Players at Winnipeg Bingo Hall - A dispute between a Labor Union and officials of the Legion Bingo Hall in Winnipeg caused the delay of bingo customers on December 18, 2006. One man was even injured when a car attempting to push through the picket line struck him.
  275. Playtech Releases New Goddess of Life Online Slot Game - A brand new 20 payline video slot was launched by Playtech called Goddess of Life. It features all the great graphics, sounds, and bonuses from Playtech.
  276. Playtech to Expand Business Interests with - Imperial E-Club Ltd announced that they have launched Bingoday, their online bingo site. Bingoday would be running on Playtechs platform By choosing Bingoland as their network, they would be able to take advantage of all that Playtech could offer like an expanded market reach, a variety of games and whole lot more. Both sides agreed that they would both benefit from this partnership.
  277. Possible Sale of The AC Community Center Puts Bingo Night On Hold - The Friday ACCA Bingo Nights at the AC Community Center will be on hold temporarily, partially because the AC Community Center is up for sale.
  278. Potawatomi Bingo Casino Announces their Yearly Pow-wow - The Potawatomi Bingo Casino has just announce that they will host a Pow wow on November 3,4 and 5, 2006. GM Mike Goodrich of the Potawatomi Bingo Casino said that they are happy that they will have the opportunity to host this Pow wow because they could show off the beauty and the richness of the Native American Culture. Anyone can also join them as a Pow wows main objective is to give family members and friends to be together.
  279. Powerball Popularity and Jackpot Grows at ACCA Bingo - The ACCA bingo hall are offering this month a variety of promotions and activities for their regular players. One of them is the monthly 'birthday celebrations' in which a player receives a free gift from the organizers if their birthday is that month and they are present at the Friday bingo night.
  280. Privacypolicy - - Privacy Policy
  281. Promotions - Check out our bingo promotions. Get free sign up and deposit bonuses.
  282. Proposed Smoking Ban Has Concord Bingo Enthusiasts Concerned - The planned smoking ban in New England has some bingo players worried that they will no longer be able to smoke, while others are thrilled that they will finally be able to breathe fresh air during their bingo games.
  283. Quebec Tax Exemption for Good Time Bingo Gaming Center - If the proposed Community Gaming Center in Quebec pushs through, it will benefit greatly from Quebecs tax exemption law, provided that the project will generate at least $50,000 dollars in local revenues. The proposed Community Gaming Center will be the new home of Good Time Bingo.
  284. Queer Bingo Seeks Full Gaming License - The Organizers of the 'Queer Bingo' fundraiser event in Houston have temporarily postponed the event to obtain a full gaming license from the Lottery Commission of Texas. Christopher Bown, the president of the Community Center in Houston, said that they have decided to get the full license after seeing that the event was a huge success and a full gaming license is needed if you would operate this kind of fundraiser in the area and if it involves money.
  285. QuickFire Mobile Casino App Will Be Released by Virgin Games - A mobile casino app will be released by Virgin Games and will be powered by QuickFire, providing smartphone players with instant access to diverse games.
  286. Rank Gaming and Leisure Group to Sell Mecca Bingo Parlors - Rank Gaming and Leisure Group, which owns Mecca Bingo and Hard Rock Cafe, plans to sell some of its bingo halls and casinos across the country. Ranks decision has been heavily influenced by the sharp drop in their revenues at Mecca Bingo Halls following the Scottish smoking bans implementation.
  287. Rank Puts Hard Rock on the Market - The Hard Rock Cafes, which Rank owns, are being considered for sale by the company which could fetch them 500 million pounds. Rank said that the reason for the sale is their desire to focus on the gaming industry instead.
  288. Recent Research Reveals Elderly Play Bingo for Cognitive Benefits - Recent research conducted by reveals that many people over the age of 50 have begun playing bingo in the hope that it would improve their attentional skills and keep their memories sharp.
  289. River City Bingo Association Stresses the Social Benefits of Bingo - President of the River City Bingo Association, Gord Hulburt, said that they want to get people interested in the social benefits of bingo. They have made special rooms with excellent ventilation systems so that smokers and non-smokers can co-exist peacefully.
  290. Robbers Hit a Bingo Hall in Albuquerque - The Route 66 Bingo Hall in Albuquerque fell prey to armed robbery on November 11, 2006, when 3 armed men broke in and stole the bingo hall's earnings for that night. The robbers then fled the scene in a Chevrolet Suburban.
  291. Robbers Steal Bingo Profits From the Our Lady of Czestochowa Church - The profits from the bingo games at the Our Lady of Czetochawa Church were stolen by 2 robbers on Sunday, November 19, 2006. Two suspects were apprehended while a third remains on the loose.
  292. Robbery Fails to Stop Bingo Games in New Brighton - A robbery failed to deter bingo players from carrying on with their games on January 29th. The hooded robber grabbed a tray of bingo money before making a hasty exit through the front door.
  293. Ryanair and Come Together to Bring Passengers Online Bingo - Ryanair has signed an agreement with that will allow their customers to experience the joy of bingo. In addition, Ryanair formed a partnership with OnAir, that will enable their customers to make phone calls via their mobile phones even inside the aircraft.
  294. San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino Targets World Record - San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino held a record breaking attempt of being the
  295. San Pablo Bingo Games Save City From Bankruptcy - The city of San Pablo in California was on the point of bankruptcy but was able to pull its budget back with the help of slots style bingo games.
  296. Scottish Smoking Ban Prompts Gaming Group Gala Coral to Rethink Tote Partnership - Gaming group, Gala Coral claims that profits in the area have dropped about 15% since the smoking ban in Scotland. Gala Coral added that if nothing is done to rectify the situation, many bingo halls will close.
  297. Senator Barcia sponsored a bill that would boost bingo payouts to charities - Senator Jim Barcia of Michigan sponsored a bill which will allow bingo operators to raise their jackpots so that they could compete with casinos on equal ground. The Bill is already approved by both the Senate and the House, with only the final vote missing and Governor Granholms signature missing to make it legal and binding.
  298. Smoke Ban Takes Toll on Scottish Bingo Halls and Pubs - The implementation of the Scottish smoking ban is taking its toll on some businesses already. Bingo halls and pubs are already starting to see revenue drops as they get their first quarterly returns since the ban started. This is not a bright prospect for British and Welsh merchants who face a similar ban in 2007.
  299. Smoking Ban Hits Windsor Bingo Halls Hard - The Bingo halls of Windsor, Canada are starting to feel the effect of the smoking ban in their businesses. Because of it, their customers like the people in Michigan do not cross the border anymore to play and in effect, fewer customers in the Windsor area for bingo games in their halls.
  300. Smoking Ban Impacts Casinos in Scotland - The smoking ban in Scotland, which was implemented on March 26, 2006 is beginning to affect local bingo halls because the majority of the bingo players are smokers. One of those affected is Mecca Bingo Hall, who already experience drop in their sales as much as 14%.
  301. Smoking Ban Takes Toll on Scottish Bingo Halls - The harsher effects of the smoking ban are beginning to show in Scotland after its implementation almost three months ago. Bingo establishments are folding up faster than expected because of huge drops in revenue because of the ban.
  302. Smoking Ban Viewed as a Threat to Bingo Parlors of England and Wales - The introduction of the smoking ban in England and Wales is seen as a threat to bingo halls. A similar law in Scotland has caused a significant decline in bingo businesses, even leading to the closing of some halls.
  303. South Lockport Fire Hall Ends Bingo Games on December 31st - The South Lockport Fire Hall will hold their last bingo games on December 31, 2006. St. Cyr, one of the volunteers at the bingo game said that they will stop permanently on January 1, 2007 when their bingo license expires.
  304. Squabble Between Calgary Catholic School Board and Bishop Over the Use of Bingo - Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary and the Calgary Catholic School district had a difference of opinion regarding the issue of using bingo and casino as means to generate revenue for additional funding. Bishop Henry sees it as morally wrong while the board says that the intention behind it is pretty practical and with good intentions. Bishop Henry have gone as far as to said that if the schools decided to continue with it, he will not attend the board meeting and will even strip the schools with their Catholic title.
  305. St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to Expand their Bingo and Gaming Facilities - The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe has announced that they will be renovating their casino complex to attract more visitors. The tribe plans to add shops, restaurants, hotels and more to the current facility.
  306. Storm Lake Resident Wins $25,000 in Iowa's Tripler Bingo - Lloyd Richter of Storm Lake is celebrating his Tripler Bingo win of about $25,000. Since the time it was founded, in 1985, the Iowa Lottery has awarded its players with over $2 billion in total prizes, while gathering over $1 billion for the benefit of state programs.
  307. Swiss Casino Launches Its 2-Part Santa’s in the House Promotion - Swiss Casino is offering its players the chance to win a number of amazing prizes in its two-part Christmas-themed promotion called Santa’s in the House.
  308. Termsofuse - - Terms of Use
  309. The City of Dunbar Gets the Rights to Bingo Building - The City of Dunbar has been authorized to operate and care for the 'bingo and raffle building' in Dunbar. Although given control over the building, they are still not permitted to sell the property.
  310. The Jeffersonville Lions Club to Host Longaberger Basket Bingo Event - The Jefferson Lions Club held a Longberger Basket Bingo event on November 9th, 2006. The main benificiaries for this event were the eye exams and glasses for the Southern Indiana Youths and the poor adults in the area.
  311. Three Friends Lose in Vegas Gambling Trip but Win Big at Local Bingo - Three friends returned from a gambling loss in Las Vegas, wondering how they would have enough cash for the coming Christmas season, when days later, they won successive Bingo jackpots, totaling at 300,000 GBP in the National Bingo Game.
  312. Top Ten Holdings Surge with Strong Annual Earnings Statement - Top Ten Holdings surged ahead the market today when it revealed that the company experienced a strong showing an a sharp rise in their yearly earnings. The group said that it hopes that they can continue their steady pace and is looking forward to the coming year.
  313. Tracey Reilly Wins Big at The National Bingo Game - Tracey Reilly won the 20,335 pound jackpot of the National Bingo Game the very first time she played bingo! She plans to use some of her winnings to go to a carnival in Rio de Janeiro with a friend.
  314. Triana VFW Bingo Continues After Alabama Court Bans Sweepstakes Machines - The Triana VFW Charity Bingo Hall is not affected by the recent Alabama court ruling against sweepstakes machines because they have genuine electronic bingo machines, not sweepstakes machines.
  315. Tribes Staunchly Oppose Changes to Casino Bingo Game Laws - Indian owned gaming casinos are awaiting the decision of the National Indian Gaming Commission regarding the classification of video bingo machines. Some critics of the move say that the casinos will lose a lot of money if the law pushes through.
  316. Troy Brown Celebrity Bingo Benefits Charity - Troy Brown and his teammates from the New England Patriots, as well as other sports figures, are some of the guests at Troy Brown Celebrity Bingo. The profits raised will be donated to various charities.
  317. Troy Brown and Other Boston Athletes Play Bingo with Fans for the $10,000 Jackpot - Troy Brown and his fellow celebrities and athletes will participate in a bingo event on December 11, 2006. The main beneficiaries of the event will be the Children's Hospital Boston and the Celebrities for Charity Foundation.
  318. Turkey Bingo Event at Douglas High School to Benefit Scholarship Programs Proves Successful - The Turkey Bingo Event, organized by the Carson Valley Kiwanis Club on November 18, 2006 was a great success. The Douglas High School Key Club helped out at the event. Their efforts will benefit Building Tomorrow in Kampala, Uganda.
  319. Two Grandsons of Bingo Caller Sam Pisano Continue Bingo Calling Family Tradition - After Sam Pisano died, his grandsons, Mike Pisano and John Brillantes stepped into his position of being the regular bingo caller of the Park Avenue Seniors Apartment Bingo game every Tuesday night.
  320. Two Mecca Bilston Bingo Hall Members Win Big at The National Bingo Game - The Mecca Bilston Bingo Hall has been really lucky in the past. One of the reasons is that they had 2 winners of 200,000 and 100,000 pounds in succession at the National Bingo Game.
  321. Two Sisters Over Sixty Sentenced to 63 Months for Bingo Misconduct - Rita Tipton and Gloria Williams were sentenced to over 5 years in prison for bingo related offenses. The two were also ordered to pay $32,000 and $48,000 respectively for their back taxes.
  322. Bingo Popularity in the UK - Bingo and online bingo in the UK is becoming extremely popular and trendy with people of all ages and income brackets. Even many celebrities enjoy bingo.
  323. Unexpected Growth for Online Bingo Industry in Britain - The Online Bingo Industry in Britain is experiencing a boom with the increase of people who prefer playing online in the comforts of their home rather than going to a traditional bingo hall to play., is one of those sites that are hoping to cash in on the successes of the online bingo market today.
  324. VFW Post Features Bingo and Other Events for the Community - The Ladies Auxiliary Post at Lake Butler not only hosts Bingo every Thursday night, but they also have a cancer table where members can bring items that will be raffled off and the money earned donated to cancer research.
  325. Valerie Hargrave Wins 200,000 Pounds in National Bingo Game at the Opera Bingo Club in Workington - Valerie Hargrave won the 200,000 Pound Jackpot Prize at the Opera Bingo Club in Workington. According to Graves Cumberland, operator of the bingo hall, the Opera Bingo Club is considered one of the luckiest bingo clubs in the country.
  326. Verandas on the Green Residents Enjoy Community Bingo - Verandas on the Green, recently remodeled by Landmark Residential, are famous for their friendly atmosphere and community activities, such as bingo.
  327. Video Bingo Profit for Children's Museum in Hammond - The Hammond City Council voted 4-1 to donate 25% of video bingo taxes to the construction of a Children's Museum in Hammond. Councilwoman Montecino stated that they are searching for an appropriate site for the museum.
  328. Vikki March Wins 20,000 UK Pounds Playing Bingo at Mecca - Young Mum Vikki March, a 19-year old resident of Shoebury is the lucky winner of the UK Pounds 20,000 jackpot from the National BingoGame at the Mecca Bingo Hall at Greyhound Lane, Southend. The funny thing about the whole situation is that Vikki do not plan to play bingo at the Mecca Bingo Hall that day and she has only decided to do it after her friend ditch her.
  329. Website Developer Spinnaker Hired to Develop National Bingo Game Association Website - Spinnaker won the rights to develop the website of the National Bingo Game Association which boasts Gala and Mecca as some of their members. Spinnaker won the rights for the website after battling it out with The Workroom.
  330. Scott Shriner Contribution To A Bingo Charity Event - Weezer's guitarist Scott Shriner served as a guest bingo caller for the Rock-n-Roll Bingo charity event in Hollywood.
  331. Where Do You Do It promo from - has launched the Where Do You Do It promotion, offering players the opportunity to bag an Apple iPad.
  332. Whites Seeks Zoning Variance to Continue Bingo Games - The Whites School of the Arts Community Developmental Programs fate of running bingo games as charity fundraisers hangs on the zoning boards decision regarding the zoning problem of the youth center to be decided on July 27, 2006. The main problem lies in the fact that the youth center lies in an area classified as a neighborhood facility.
  333. Winning bingo strategies - Winning Bingo Strategies
  334. Wisconsin Dejope Reopens with Electronic Bingo - The newly-remodeled DeJope Gaming Facility, managed and owned by the Ho-Chunk Indian Tribe reopened Friday, December 1, 2006. Tribe spokeswoman, Tracy LittleJohn said that they have replaced traditional bingo cards with electronic bingo.
  335. Woolworth's and St. Minver Form Partnership for Online Bingo - St. Minver and Woolworth's form a partnership to launch an online bingo site that is expected to increase revenues for both companies.
  336. Wyandotte Tribe Triumphant in Bingo Hall Court Case - The District Court ruled in favor of the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma regarding the formers dispute with the National Indian Gaming Commission. The argument is all about the issue on whether the Wyandotte tribe followed the federal law that prohibits Indian Tribes from building casinos on land that they have acquired after 1988.
  337. Yaowaluck Nakkong Wins 200,000 Pound Bingo Jackpot - Yaowluck Nakkong is the winner of the 200,000 pound Jackpot Prize of the National Bingo Game. She was able to complete the bingo full house in just 37 calls.
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