Bingo Culture in The United States and Canada

Bingo culture in the United States and Canada is very different than the UK. For one, players often play as many as thirty cards at once, taping them down on the table so they can be marked in a hurry once the numbers are called. Television monitors are used to display numbers that have already been called, much like online bingo.

Bingo games in the United States and Canada also have "multiple bingos": they play for a single line, then a full card, and then a consolation full card. Many online bingo games work this way as well.

Bingo is still primarily a source of revenue of churches and charities. Bingo halls are rented out to organizations like this and run almost daily.

Commercial bingo exists only in Nevada casinos and Native American bingo halls. Some of the station casinos, that cater more to locals in Las Vegas will have bingo sessions, and some of them under the same ownership will link bingo games together to form progressive jackpots that pay big money to winners. This pales in comparison, however to many of the offerings in online bingo.

In Canada, commercial bingo exists and is quite popular, and is jokingly referred to as a mainstay of English Canadian culture by French-speaking Canadians.

In the UK, Bingo is a game played in private Bingo clubs, and is much more of a social gathering than in North America, attracting many more younger people. North American Bingo is still largely a game for older people, and the main focus of their efforts is to win, not to socialize.

Of course, the culture of online bingo is one of its own, with prizes rivaling that of the largest commercial bingo establishments in Canada, the United States or the UK. You can even play a free game to get the hang of it.

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