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Safety Bingo

Bingo is a great game to play with the entire family and is usually a great game for young and old alike. However, with the growing popularity of bingo among many different circles, it is no wonder that some unsavory people have also started to play it. For this reason more and more people have begun to prefer what is called safety bingo. This means that, as opposed to normal bingo halls, where you play with all kinds of people, and there is smoking and drinking, smoking and drinking is not allowed. This is usually only possible with friends or family, but there have been recent development s in the online casinos that enable people to play freely.

Once thought of as a free space where anything could be said, the internet has changed over the past few years, for the better. The freedom is still there, but the online casinos have decided that in order to conserve their customers, that they should do something about the language being used. So a kind of safety bingo was introduced. This means that all the chat rooms a re moderated, no inappropriate language can be used and the games themselves are also suited to the tastes of different people of all age groups. No less important, in this age of anonymity, it is important that the identities of the customers be known, so that minors will not take advantage of them and play the games.

Written by Marcia Weatherton, Security Co-Ordinator 07.09.05

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