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10,628 Pound Bingo Jackpot Win

Angela E., from Trowbridge near Bath, is a regular player at online bingo site,, who won the total jackpot of worth 10,779.03 pounds with only spending a mere 4 pounds in playing the bingo games online.

Angela E., is the second big jackpot winner of the site after Jacqui, who lives in Wales, won the first jackpot of BingoBoogie worth 10,628.75 pounds after just spending 1 pound. Angela E., would never forget July, as this was the month which really brought her so much good fortune.

"GoalShooter", is the name Angela is known by amongst her fellow bingo players and chat mates in the Bingo Boogie chat room.

Angela E., when asked for her reaction about her win said that she just could still not believe her good luck and had to double check the entire chat room when her name was announced as the winner. When it was confirmed that she won and she learned the exact amount of money that she won, she nearly fell of her chair in shock. is a 90 ball online bingo site which features trendy graphics and friendly and approachable chat hosts has proved a pretty successful venture especially on the regular players of BingoBoogie.

Besides having the chance to win the huge jackpot, players can also win BingoBoogie's freebies and promotions exclusively offered to its members. It also allows members to socialize even virtually and form bonds and become friends to fellow players even people who onlty met for the first time.

Sarah Jane Connors, who is the spokeswoman for Bingo Boogie said that it is really a great feeling when you make someone's dream come true. They do give prizes in smaller quantities almost daily but it is still something else if someone, particularly a lone players, wins the whole pot. With the current pot at £2,500, it is not impossible that the site is going to award another big jackpot to a player very soon.


Friday, September 15, 2006
Danny Hudson

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