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Charities Leases Terminated by Bingo Center Owner

Three charities that have had their leases terminated by the new Bingo Center Owner, New Amoskeag, are UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center, Prayer Hall and the Jutras American Legion Post 43.

As a result of te lease termination, two of the charities, UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center and Prayer Halls, stand to lose a combined $180,000 thousand dollars a year if an alternative site is not found quickly. The Jutras American Legion's losses have no tbeen determined yet.

The charities, which conduct their own bingo fundraisers are currently looking for a new hall to hold their bingo games in.

An 11 member committee was established to study and evaluate the effect of the new law, House Bill 1744 on gambling games, and report back the result of their study on July 1, 2007.

Paul M. Kelley, who will be serving on the committee said that the committee would try to look at all the charitable games of chance and make sure that there is parity there. The main idea would be to maximize revenue for charitable group while at the same time protecting its integrity. House Bill 1744 also reduces the Attorney General's Office power in comparison to the Pari-Mutuel Commission regrading regulatory issues.

At the present, the authority of issuing gaming licenses and reviewing them belongs to the local police chiefs and the Attorney General's Office's charitable trust section respectively.

Audrey Blodgett, who is a paralegal working with the charitable trust unit said that she reviewed the applications and let the police chief know whether that the application form adheres to the law and statute of RSA 287:D.

She also added that they still have the same input as they previously did regarding bingo. Their office would be releasing a list periodically of charities and the current status of a charity with their offce.


Thursday, August 31, 2006
Danny Hudson

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