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Littlefield Corporations Troy Zinn resigns as Chief Financial Officer

Austin, Texas Based Littlefield Corporation which is well known throughout the southern United States for their bingo operations and video gaming facilities, is losing its Chief Financial Officer, Troy Zinn, after serving in the position for almost two years.

According to Littlefield Corporation, Former Chief Financial Officer Troy Zinn has resigned from his position, which will be effective immediately, although he would remain available and with the company until the end of August for continuity purposes and until his replacement in the position can be found.

Former Chief Financial Officer Troy Zinn was affiliated with Littlefield Corporation for more than two years. A company spokesman commented that Littlefield Corporation has just recently begun the search for Former CFO Troy Zinn's position and the company expects to find Zinn's replacement within two months at the earliest.

Littlefield Corporation did not mention the reason for Troy Zinn's sudden decision or if Zinn plans to move on to other activities and pursuits.

Jeffrey Minch, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Littlefield Corporation announce that he have accepted the resignation of Troy Zinn as Littlefield's Chief Financial Officer and wished him luck on his future plans and thanked him on behalf of the whole company.

Littlefield Corporation is formerly known as American Bingo and Gaming and operates 28 charitable bingo halls in the areas of Texas, Alabama and South Carolina.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Steve Bowen

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