Powerball Popularity and Jackpot Grows at ACCA Bingo

Robert Oliver had a very good evening that Friday as he won the bingo nights first jackpot prize of $310 dollars on 59 numbers.

Recently, their are only two players who won the $1,000 dollars on the Powerballs game, but it does not stop the pot for the Powerball game to grow each passing day.

There is a possibility that there would be another big winner soon. The Powerball games' jackpot will begin at $567 dollars and $340 dollars this coming Friday night and with a sell-out crowd, having two pots is a very reasonable decision on the part of the organizers and the jackpot is expected to climb to as much as $600 dollars and $400 dollars this coming weekend.

It would only cost a player an extra $1 dollar to try their luck at each pot. This week's Jackpots are $200 in 48 numbers and $290 in 52 numbers.

This Friday night is also the start of ACCA's monthly "Birthday Celebrations" for their players. If a player's birthday falls in the month of July and is present on Friday at the bingo game, the lucky player will receive a free dauber, a free early bird and a cake. The player must show a valid ID to receive the gifts. Monthly birthday celebrations at the ACCA are held every second Friday of each month.

Everybody is always welcome during the Friday games. Doors of the hall will open at exactly 5:30 p.m. and the early birds session will begin at 6:45 p.m. with the regular session for the night to follow afterwards.

Players will have to pay a total of $14 dollars and 50 cents if they want to play in the games for the early birds, for the 6-on book of the 10 regular games and for a 9-on book of the regular games. The six specials, which will include the two jackpots and the Pick-a-pet, costs a 50 cents each for a 3-on strip.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Steve Bowen

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