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Female Chef Wins 200,000 Pound Jackpot Prize at Winner's Club

53 year-old Yaowaluck Nakkong, a restaurant chef from the Sangdao Thai Restaurant located in Newmarket High Street, won the 200,000 pound bingo jackpot prize on December 13, 2006 at the Winner's Club located in Bury St. Edmunds. She plans to pay-off the mortgage on her home in Thailand and take a 4-week vacation.

According to Winner's Club Manager, John Mackerson, the winner did not fully understand how much she had won in the National Bingo Game since her English is not that good. Everyone cheered for the winner and it was really a wonderful sight.

Mackerson added that this was the club's biggest win in the National Bingo Game compared to the other bingo halls in the country, but they were lucky to win some zone prizes recently. The National Bingo Game has 500 Bingo Halls that are playing bingo simultaneously all over the country. You will win the Jackpot Prize if you are able to get the "full house" in the lowest possible number of bingo calls compared to other club winners.

When asked how she feels about her win, the winner said that she is very, very happy. After winning the biggest cash prize in her life, she went back to work at the Sangdao Thai Restaurant where most of the staff were also glad for her.


Sunday, March 04, 2007
Danny Hudson

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