Bingo news Announces Their First Ever Team Online Bingo Event

On November 11, 2006, online Bingo Gaming Website, publicly announced the launch of their first ever "Team Bingo" Games, with the inaugural online casino event of Team Bingo beginning this month of November.

The winning team will receive a total of about 2 million loyalty points from the site or an equivalent of 2,000 pounds, which will bring a new look to both the social and online aspect of online bingo gaming. Teams composed of 4 members will be allowed to sign-up under a single team name and then compete at the Team Bingo event for the rest of November.

The general rules for the event are easy to follow and understand. The team with the most score or the most "full house" will be declared the winner. Those players that want to join but do not have enough friends that share their love for Bingo can create their very own team or just join another bingo team.

There are many things that bingo lovers can choose from. Team Bingo has attracted a large number of bingo players, so if you are one, just join and find a team. Aside from playing a game that you like, you can also meet new friends online that will truly make the whole experience memorable.


Monday, June 11, 2007
Danny Hudson

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