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Glasgow Bus Driver Hits Mecca Bingo Hall Jackpot

Mecca Bingo Hll recently saw a huge winner in the form of a bus driver from Glasgow, Scotland. The winner, who remains unidentified for security reasons, hit the huge jackpot of 100,000 pounds sterling while he was playing in the Mecca Bingo Hall and waiting for his passengers, who were also playing bingo, to take them to their homes.

Mecca Bingo Hall manager, Paul McGlinchey, reportedly said that Mecca Bingo Hall had not seen a winner quite this big in a very long time.

When asked for his plans on his prize money, the lucky bus driver, who is a frequent visitor to Mecca Bingo Hall said that he was still very shocked and at the moment he had not yet decided what he will do with the money he won on the bingo game at Mecca Bingo Hall.


Monday, October 02, 2006
Danny Hudson

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