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Jackson County Mississippi May Get High-End Bingo

As quoted from the newspaper Biloxi Sun Herald:"If the planned gambling establishment of the group of Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians near the place of Ocean Springs gets the support and nod of Jackson County voters, they may instead get a high-end bingo rather than a Las Vegas style casino gambling den.

Choctaw Indians signed a 1992 compact with Gov. Kirk Fordice of Mississippi and Chief Philip Martin representing the two sides in the ceremony. The compact contains that it allows the Choctaw Indians' tribe to operate and run Las Vegas style casinos provided that it is only in their reservation lands. With these development, they may be reluctant in changing some parts of the agreement.

Though this makes sense, because compared to other Indian Tribes in other states, the Choctaw Indians only pay the mere amount of $250,000 dollars a year to the state government for operation rights to the Silver Star and Golden Moon Casinos. It does not get better than that deal. So if they do pushed through their plan to build their new casino establishment in Ocean Springs and not on the area where their reservation lands is, they would have to pay more than $250,000 dollars that they are currently paying right now. The revenues that they are earning from this establishments will be reduced drastically and in a business operation where your main priority is to earn, that is not good.

Chief Philip Martin of the Choctaw Indians told the Biloxi Sun Herald Newspaper that he personally believes that a new agreement can be met upon a new casino in Jackson County. He also kept Gov. Haley Barbour in the know about the casino that the tribe wants to operate. Coast Casino operators are still very worried regardless of what kind of gambling is agreed upon. A Class II gambling operation is still a casino to a common slot player regardless of what its purpose is.

It would be really unfair to the other operators because the Choctaw Indians would put the others in a disadvantage. Because the Choctaw Indians would have the advantage over the profit and the location on where would put up their planned establishment that will cater to all sorts of gaming.

They also would not have to pay the 12% percent tax on gambling revenues and any state or federal taxes otherwise. Their establishment would also be the first and the most accessible venue for potential customers from the eastern markets.


Saturday, August 19, 2006
Donna Regan

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