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Storm Lake Resident Wins $25,000 in Iowa's Tripler Bingo

On December 19, 2006, a man residing in Storm Lake is celebrating the Holiday Season in grand style after winning Iowa's most recent Tripler bingo. The winner, Lloyd Richter, won a total of $25,000 while playing the Tripler Bingo instant-scratch game. Lloyd Richter bought his winning Triple Bingo cards from Midtown located at 1100 E. Fifth St. in Storm Lake.

Richter claimed his prize from the regional office of the Iowa Lottery in Storm Lake. Tripler Bingo is a $2 scratch game. Usually players try to match a pattern horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in 4 corners (which consists of 8 numbers plus a space) on one of the 4 bingo cards in order to win a corresponding prize. The prize arrow points to the card of the player.

The symbol on the 4 bingo cards can be used as a free space to complete a pattern in order to win. If that symbol appears in any of the winning bingo patterns, the corresponding prize will triple its original value. The overall of winning the game is currently set 1 in 4. 11 top prizes worth $25,000 have yet to be won by a lucky player in the game along with the 23 $2,500 prizes, as well as 46 $500 prizes, 80 $250 prizes, 200 prizes worth $150 each and 400 $75 prizes . Since the establishment of the Iowa Lottery in 1985, over $2 billion in prizes have been awarded to players and over $1 billion have been gathered for the benefit of state programs.


Sunday, December 31, 2006
Donna Regan

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