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Kentucky Receives $36,300 to Prevent Gambling Sponsored Terrorism

$36,300 was given to the State of Kentucky by the Office of Homeland Security as part of their annual combatting terrorism budget. The money is be used to ensure that revenues from bingo games and pull-tab games will not go to terrorists or any terror-sponsored activities.

Although it is unlikely that a bingo hall in a small state like Kentucky will be targeted by potential terror suspects especially considering that establishments are already located in larger and more crowded areas like New York (which has already experienced a terror attack), Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

Kentucky officials know that the grant money is earmarked for combatting terrorism and suspicious activities in their own stae, but they are also aware that they can divert the grrant money to other purposes if they so choose under the grants guidelines.


Thursday, October 05, 2006
Steve Bowen

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