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Construction of Large Bingo Hall on St. Ann's Road Raises Criticism

In reference to the concrete walls of the new Campbell River Bingo Palace, most people that have seen it say that it is the ugliest thing they have ever seen. After months of preparation, building the foundation for the building located at the intersection of St. Ann's Road, soon to become Alder Street. Construction workers put up the concrete walls that have been the source of criticism from the area's residents who claim that they are an eyesore, on Monday, February 5, 2007.

However, according to Tom Nellis, the owner of Playtime Gaming, the sight is only temporary. He claims that once the construction is complete, it will be one of the most beautiful buildings downtown. He added that the concrete walls that were erected by the workers will be covered with stonework and other designs to make them aesthetic. Nellis further stated that it will not look like a typical office building after its construction and the walls are not a final indication of how the Campbell River Bingo Palace will look.

Dan Samson, who works at the ReMax Check Realty office, said that the place could have been a perfect area for residential development. Ralph Walker has been trying to sell property located just across from the Campbell River Bingo Palace since last year. The property is labeled as a residential high rise development area, but he is not worried about the effect of the Bingo Palace on residential developments in the downtown area in the near future. Walker stated that they will still have the front views and that is what most people want.

Back in 2004, City Council approved the redevelopment of the site of the Bingo Palace after a heated public debate on the issue. Community organizations that are dependent on the $2 million that they receive from the BC Lottery Corporation in profits from the game of bingo are supportive of the redevelopment efforts. Critics are more concerned about the rise of gambling problems in the area, but ultimately the council has approved the plan.

The establishment has slot machines at their disposal and once the 100 slot machines are operational, the city will receive about $440,000 yearly in profits. Back in 2005, operators of the Bingo Palace filed a permit for development application, which stated that the new building they were planning to build would have a rustic West Coast style design. The city in turn, is pleased with the plans of Bingo Palace because it will make the downtown area more attractive. The staff at the planning services generally believes that remodeling the property will further enhance the site and benefit the downtown Campbell River area, contrary to some fears by the local residents of British Columbia, Canada.


Thursday, April 12, 2007
Karen Jacobs

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