Won the Best Online Bingo Overall Prize for January 2006, an online voting organism for grading the best online bingos sites, has presented its January 2006 Best Bingo Overall award for during the 10th of February, last Saturday. The award was presented after online bingo players from around the world have placed their votes on because of its highly developed Flash graphics, exclusive chat sounds along with advanced chat management and a broad range of promotions. is a Pay to Play Flash online bingo site that offers players to play without downloading any program due to their advanced Flash bingo games. The site offers its players the option to schedule their bingo games or to buy cards on auto buy system. These options free players' time so they can chat with others players and above all these options "improve the games' atmosphere" as stated by an anonymous player.

Over the past few months this online bingo site had received many awards, it even won's Best New Bingo award in September and October 2005. Their Best Bingo Overall award strengthens their position among the online bingo industry.

The site was developed by BingoTek which is a privately owned company situated in the British Virgin Isles.

Mark W. Felten, News Editor. 12/2/2006

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