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Website Developer Spinnaker Hired to Develop National Bingo Game Association Website

Website Developer Spinnaker won the right to make the official Website of the National Bingo Game Association, which boasts big names in the gaming industry for its membership, like Gala and Mecca Bingo, after a two-way battle against another integrated agency for the honor.

Developer Spinnaker won the rights for the website development against another company, which was rumored to be design company, The Workroom, which last April had already worked for the National Bingo Game Association, in which The Workroom was assigned to developed and create a new brand indentity for the National Bingo Association.

The National Bingo Game Association and Spinnaker have already begun doing collaborative work last year in developing promotional activities for the association's various activities including "bingo bonkers," "shout house, win house," "afternoon delight," and many others which launched an afternoon bingo game.

The National Bingo Game Association's planned website will focus on the association's patronizers mainly their existing customers, new players and member of the bingo clubs and the media.

The Website that Spinnaker will make will be launched in September together with National Bingo Game Association's new identity courtesy of The Workroom and a TV campaign made by DFGW.

The Marketing and Communication Manager of the National Bingo Game Association, Steve Baldwin, said that the with the launch of the new corporate identity of NBGA, the website that will help the association to utilize new means of communication to reach new and existing players, particularly of bingo. This undertaking will also help the association to readily integrate online activities into their promotional campaigns in the near future.

The managing partner of Spinnaker, Brooke Dalton-Brewer added that the National Bingo Game Association's website will address the needs of a broad market and the website will provide the association a discrete, hush and self-reflectve atmosphere in which to do this.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Patrick Simons

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