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Angry Mecca Bingo Hall Customers in Islington Parks Protest Closure

On February 21, 2007, furious customers formed a group against the closure of the bingo hall they have come to love over the years. Just recently, on February 15th, Rank, who owns the Mecca Bingo Halls across the country, announced the closure of about 9 bingo halls in the country.

The Mecca Bingo Hall on Essex Road in Islington is one of those bingo halls that will be closed in just a few weeks time. Rank added that they cannot continue to keep those nine bingo halls open because of the enforcement of the smoking ban in England and Wales, which will undoubtedly cause a significant drop in their profits.

Nonetheless, the players in the affected bingo club are angry that Rank is not willing to give the club a chance and first see how the club will perform after the smoking ban is enforced. They protested outside of the bingo hall and have drafted a petition asking the owners of the bingo hall to reconsider their decision.

One of the customers, 64 year-old Dolores Murray from Basire Street, Islington commented that the Mecca officials did not even consider the feelings of the long-time customers before making the decision. She said that the bingo hall represents a whole family and most elderly people view the game of bingo as their one and only past time.

The Bingo players in the area said that they have been told by the staff that the bingo hall will close on March 25, 2007. However, Rank does not want to confirm that information.


Thursday, April 26, 2007
Danny Hudson

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