Bingo Games Ethics and Behaviour

Bingo Hall Ethics and Behavior in Online Bingo Games

Playing bingo in real life requires human communications. Bingo players come from all genders, races and social backgrounds. A little bit of common sense is needed to keep the game pleasant for all the bingo players in your parlor.

The first issue is smoking. Many Bingo halls now prohibit smoking during the game, but even if they don't, you should be mindful of those around you who may not like cigarette smoke. There's always a place to smoke somewhere around the bingo hall.

Besides, bingo conventions might be considered a public place under your local law and you might be unpleasantly surprised if you're fined for breaking the law during an innocent bingo game.

The second issue is the stress. Bingo is a community game, and you might not necessarily like all the bingo players around you. You might consistently win and someone might consistently lose, but consider what if the situation was reverse. Don't be a bad winner or a sore loser.

Don't cheer too much when you win and don't whine too much when you lose. If you feel that it's not your lucky day, quit rather than losing more money to bingo *and* spoil the game for everyone with your complaints.

A good bingo rule of thumb is to be polite to people you haven't talked to before and not talk to people who aren't polite. Bingo tends to be a long game, and most of which you spend waiting for the outcome.

Don't let the stress eat you up and consider that it might be eating some other people. Of all things, don't ever grumble aloud about the number you desperately need.

Another typical gambling issue is seats in the hall. Some superstitious folks tend to get territorial about allegedly "lucky" seats. If someone asks you to give them your seats, don't mind, and, of course, don't do it yourself. Seat placement has nothing to do with bingo, it's just about how more or less insecure players feel with themselves.

You might as well witness rather odd behavior by some players. Some would come all dressed in pink, some would perform weird "magical" ceremonies or carry bizarre "lucky charm" items.

Open your mind and ignore these funny deviations: beneath them are normal everyday folks who'd you never suspect of strange beliefs if ever had to meet them elsewhere Their odd habits in a bingo game reflect heir superstitions about winning and are often all in good fun.

Another common practice of seasoned bingo players - is to share a small part of wins ("lucky dollars") to sometimes buy a neighbor a bingo card. Someone else whom you shared the lucky dollar with might suddenly win a large amount and have the courtesy of sharing it with you; and someone who's debted to you for a bingo card might get you one when you're out of cash.

These rules are still applicable online as well. Chat is permitted during the game, and impolite speech will be seen by everyone. If too many people chatter on and on about their luck, good or bad, it will become distracting for the other bingo players as well. You can see this yourself if you play a few practice rounds of free bingo online.

In general, just be polite in bingo halls. If you're attending the same bingo game other people attend for fun and not for money, don't ruin the bingo experience for them by being rude or too serious.

Christian Mitchell - Journalist

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