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Bingo accessories

The Bingo game is so common that many companies have started to produce Bingo accessories. Although selling Bingo Accessories might sound a bit bizarre but it's a growing trend among Bingo players. The variety of accessories is endless. from Bingo markers to wallets that contains Bingo tablets.

An important accessory that the professional Bingo player will be glad to have is the Bingo shutter card. This is a Bingo card which most of the times is stitched around the edges and by touching the card it will clear the marked numbers at once thus making it ready for the next game. Bingo shutter cards are not an expensive accessory and they will ease your game.

A talking bingo game is an accessory for those who wish to play bingo on the road, at picnics, or anywhere else where a bingo hall lacks. This device has many gaming modes and it will automatically call the drawn numbers out loud. Most devices come with a one year warranty aswell.

Waiters and glue-pens are a must for the average Bingo fan since they solve the main problem of the Bingo game - the disorder of the Bingo papers. With the aid of the glue pens and the waiters you can guarantee that your Bingo papers are firmly in place.

Magnetic chips are a cheap accessory to help you keep track on the numbers already drawn. No need to mark X's on the paper or to punch a hole in the correct square. Now you can cover the drawn number with the magnetic chip thus keeping your Bingo paper clean for inspection when you win. You can also buy magnetic wands to help pick up the chips from the bingo paper. These magnetic chips and wands come in a variety of colors.

Another lovely Bingo accessory is the personalized cards that hold your picture or design in a theme of your pick, like dogs or cats. These cards will carry a little of home to the Bingo hall thus making the experience much nicer. Also personalized cards are easy to distinguish among other cards, and may solve confusions.

John Kendis, Guest Editor. 10/11/05

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