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Tracey Reilly Wins Big at The National Bingo Game

On March 6, 2007, Tracey Reilly, a capital accountant won the jackpot when by chance she decided to play at a bingo hall until the rain stopped. The very lucky accountant won a total of UK 20,535 pounds in jackpot prizes. Reilly was just in Stirling with her friend, when they where suddenly caught unprepared by the unexpected downpour and then decided to play at a bingo hall until the rain subsided.

Tracey Reilly had never played at a bingo game before, but she decided to give it a shot. Lady luck then decided to make her the winner of the UK 20,535 pound Jackpot Prize of the National Bingo Game! Being clueless at bingo, Reilly originally thought she had only won 62 pounds in the round of the game they were playing; she had no clue that it was for the National Bingo Game.

Ms. Reilly is a resident of Edinburgh that works as a capital accountant at JP Morgan. She said that she is just really lucky because she never expected this surprise. Reilly plans to use her winnings to pay for a vacation at a carnival in Rio de Janeiro for herself and the friend that was with her on the lucky day that she won.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Donna Regan

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