Bingo Number Tracking Methodology

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Online Bingo Number Tracking

The bingo number tracking methodology is a bingo strategy that is similar to shuffle tracking and card counting in other casino games. The purpose of bingo number tracking is to determine which bingo numbers are more likely to be drawn. Instead of advocating this bingo methodology we'd rather criticize it so that new bingo players won't fall for.

Bingo number tracking is simply recording the bingo numbers across a number of bingo rounds. The idea is that numbers that haven't been called are more likely to come up because they are "due".

There are bingo players who swear by this method and rely on it unconditionally, but these players run afoul of high school mathematics. It is certainly their right, but we'd like to explain to our bingo patrons two things that are generally ignored by those who follow the bingo number tracking bible.

First, real life bingo probabilities can not be derived from just a small number of game rounds. The factor that is called "sample size" in statistics is the reflection of law of large numbers in bingo. In simple words, results collected over a small number of games are inconclusive and don't have any more statistical credibility than assigning random probabilities to bingo numbers. A fair assesment of bingo probabilities would require a fair amount of games, which brings us to the second point.

Bingo number tracking would lose any and all sense if the bingo numbers weren't drawn in a truly random fashion. But they are! What would be a possible reason for a bingo game to favour certain bingo numbers over others in the long term?

Mathematically speaking, there's no such reason and there can't be one other than physical bias in the drawing system: size of the balls, defects of the wheel and anything else that might theoretically give certain numbers an advantage.

While this theory is feasible with very long bingo games as it would accumulate sufficient advantage to the bingo player, reality is that a game this long will simply never occur to the player; moreover, for the bingo number tracking to be valid one needs to play within the same parlour, and with the same drawing system.

Even the bingo dealer - the caller - must stay the same. Any change in the bingo system would cancel the statistical validity of this bingo system.

Indeed, bingo number tracking is useless in online bingo games, because online casino RNGs (random number generators) are fool-proof algorithms that produce fair distribution of random numbers or, in other words, have no flaws that bingo tracking can possibly exploit.

We discourage the players from buying into deceit of the bingo tracking for online casino bingo games: it simply doesn't work. Your luck combined with your assesment of bingo odds is a factor that is certainly more important than amateur methods of bingo magic that don't withstand the scrutiny of simple science.

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