Christmas Wins at the Gala and Hearns Crown Bingo Clubs

Bingo players are used to visit their comfortable and cozy bingo halls week after week, sometimes for many years without winning at all. Bingo is a hobby that requires little investment of both money and time, that's why it's such a poplar gambling game, even without winning prizes.

But all of bingo players had won at least once. There are even devoted players that use bingo number tracking in order to increase their chances for winning at bingo games, but still, most bingo prizes are moderate. That's what makes big bingo wins such a surprise for players. The instant a progressive bingo pot is won it becomes bingo news, which interest bingo players and local media as well.

During the last week of 2005 Christmas Spirit has shown its grace to bingo lovers, though the following wins didn't came from online bingo sites, they made much commotion on the Web, it seems that bingo fans just love to hear and talk about gigantic wins.

Two bingo players, one from the Gala Club at King Street and the other from Hearns Crown Club at Tyne Dock, had won 100,000 Pound. These two join hundreds of bingo players that hit the jackpot during 2005, which was a successful year, ending with the 2005 Bingo Awards.

The first winner is a 71 years old lady who joined the Gala in 1991, more than a decade ago. She had never expected to win since for her it was a pastime activity and nothing more, later she had pictured the experience: "My numbers came out quickly, I barely understood I won since I had to wait half an hour before the results came…I had won so much I couldn't believe it!"

The second winner is a young bingo player from South Shields with no more than two years in bingo history. For her it was a total surprise and somewhat of a shock as well as reported by Anthony Hearn, the manager of Hearns Crown Club. "The young women was there with her family…she was in shock when she understood how much she scooped, she couldn't continue to play for the whole night". As 2006 enters bingo players around the world are expecting to a new and exciting year of big prizes and gigantic bingo wins.

Mark Hentz
News Editor

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