Gala Bingo Site Disappeared Without Notice, Leaving Players Puzzled

Right after Christmas, as the holidays were over, between the 9th and 10th of January many bingo players have discovered that the famous online Gala Bingo Club had disappeared from the Net. On Monday, the 9th of January, an announcement had been posted on what seems to be the Gala Bingo website and in it was stated that "Gala's online bingo website is no longer run by St. Minver", this statement hits many in the online bingo world.

The online bingo site that stands now instead of the Gala Bingo website - Chit Chat Bingo - resembles by appearances to the old Gala Bingo site but all affiliate's data is no missing - all earning statistics had been removed or deleted and no one seems to have any answers.

All that is known for now is that the notification of Chit Chat Bingo also includes the following: "If you have beforehand registered with Gala Bingo, your account has been run St Minver Limited. Please get in touch with them at This is an important expansion which has destined that we have parted business with St Minver, our previous Bingo partner. As such we feel sorry that you are not capable to play Bingo with us until next month, and ask for your tolerance and consideratio until then.”

Mark W. Felten, News Editor.

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