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British Columbia Lottery Closed Down The Totem Bingo Palace in North Coast

Following the shutdown of the Totem Bingo Palace on February 28, 2007, bingo players living in the North Coast will have to wait a few months to find another bingo hall that they can play in. The shutdown of the facility was decided upon by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), which commented that the Totem Bingo building no longer meets the safety standards that have been set by the authorities.

Robin Cook, a spokesman from the BCLC, said that the landlord of the building already notified them that the boilers in the building have been problematic for months and they have not been replaced yet, which means that the Bingo Palace will not have proper heating. The landlord has installed some temporary heaters in the meantime.

However, when the BCLC looked into the building, they found that it was no longer fit to be operational, so they are closing it down. In sum, Cook said that they want the customers of the Bingo Palace to be comfortable while they are playing and leave with good memories and a pleasant gaming experience, but if the establishment is not working properly, people will not enjoy their time there.

Due to the closure of the Bingo Palace, the Prince Rupert Bingo Organization will not be offering any bingo for the meantime to the residents of the community until the brand new Chances Prince Rupert Gaming Facility opens for business this summer. While there is no bingo game in the meantime, the BCLC said that about 35 business organizations that are receiving cash from bingo activities will continue to receive money until the new venue for bingo opens.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Donna Regan

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