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Bingo Loving Grandmother Hits the Jackpot

A Chorley resident bingo-crazy grandmother exclaimed "Oh I do love to be beside the seaside" this week as the lucky grandmother won the staggering jackpot of more than 47,000 pounds sterling on the bingo in Blackpool.

The winner usually plays at Mecca Bingo said that socializing and meeting new people is one of the reasons why she plays bingo. Winning the jackpot, a huge amount at that, is just an added bonus.

The bingo jackpot winning grandmother, who recently celebrated her 65th year birthday this saturday, was vacationing in the resort with her husband and their friend. When asked for a comment, the mother-of-four said that she could not have asked more for a better birthday present and she is really happy with her big win which she totally did not expect.

The Mecca Bingo Club on Talbot Road, where the lucky grandmother won the big jackpot prize under operations manager Derek Smith, said that her reaction when she won the 47,000 pounds sterling jackpot prize was of shock and disbelief that she, of all people won the prize.

The bingo loving Chorley Grandmother won the National Bingo Game prize of 45,000 plus other prizes bringing the total to 47,000 pounds.


Monday, September 04, 2006
Karen Jacobs

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