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Evansville Indiana Deliberates Whether or Not to Allow Smoking at Bingo Games

Diocese officials in Evansville, Indiana, say it’s time to make a decision regarding bingo games and smoking. However, they said that they would not be hasty in the process, so that they would be sure to make the right call.

Despite the school's present state after it was damaged by the fire that took place during bingo night, on January 29th, classes have resumed for Good Shepherd students.

The question that resounds at the moment is: "What is the church doing to address the cause of the fire, namely smoking and bingo in the school?"

"The fact of the fire is the impetus for making a decision, there's no doubt about it, but to make a quick decision is not the best thing," Communications Director Paul Leingang says. He added that no matter what stand they take on smoking and bingo in Catholic schools, it will have different effects on each Parish.

According to Leingang, the Bishop will be gathering input from all the parishes before making a final decision on the matter.

Some are still in favor of allowing smoking during bingo nights, despite the accident. Patty Stewart, a mother of 2, stated, "I just feel like we all need to be more cautious, we've got to remember what's taking place in that school the other 4 days of the week, we have to remember that kids are in that building".


Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Danny Hudson

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