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PacificNet Incorporated Unveils Electronic Bingo Machines

December 26, 2006, PacificNet Incorporated, a famous provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile internet, e-commerce and gaming technology in China, publicly announced that its Take1 Technologies ("Take 1"), a subsidiary, has introduced a new line of gaming machine products to the gaming public: The Electronic Bingo Machines. The electronic bingo machines were given positive and encouraging reviews upon their first presentation to the public, especially to several bingo halls and bingo operators in Europe. Take1 Electronic Bingo Machines are operated like Traditional Bingo, only without using paper cards and daubers.

Take1 Bingo Machines are also based on client-server based computer network architecture. Bingo players can buy their electronic bingo tickets with the use of the electronic bingo terminals or client betting sessions, which are strategically placed on electronic bingo sales outlets. This sort of automation will give players the freedom to play much faster and allow them to play even if they are in a different location, but it is linked to the central electronic bingo server, which will result in an increase in the bingo operator's revenue.

The subsidiary of PacificNet's Take1 product has been at the hub of design and manufacturing in the world of electronic multimedia entertainment. PacificNet's software outsourcing unit, Pacific Solutions Technology, assisted in the development of the software used for the electronic bingo machines. Pacific Solutions Technology is one of the CMM Level 3 certified software development centers, which houses over 200 programmers in a branch in Shenzhen, China. Recent changes in the rules of several European countries have opened their doors to larger electronic bingo operators and aroused an urgent need to shift to the latest client-server based bingo game machines.

Tony Tong, Chairman and CEO of PacificNet said that after almost 2 years of painstaking research, development and testing on the product line, they are pleased with the launch of their latest bingo gaming product from their Take1 subsidiary. The Take1 Electronic Bingo Machines are a big hit with the bingo establishment's operators, because they know it will help them increase their revenues, make them more efficient and help their bingo players play seamlessly.

Many bingo hall operators in Europe have tested the Take1 Electronic Bingo Machines and returned with positive results. Tong further added that these electronic bingo machines fit well with their new Asian Gaming focus. He also said that he is content with the ongoing activities by their synergy companies, which have cooperated to make this product and they are very pleased to be launching it into the market.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Karen Jacobs

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