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Turkey Bingo Event at Douglas High School to Benefit Scholarship Programs Proves Successful

The Turkey Bingo Event of the Carson Valley Kiwanis Club on Saturday, November 18, 2006 was a great success. The CVIC Hall located in Minden, where the Bingo games were held were almost filled to capacity. The Turkey Bingo Event was able to generate about $2,600.

According to Kiwanis Scholarship Chairman Tom Peters, the Bingo Caller for the evening was Ron Pierini, the Douglas County Sheriff. About 68 turkeys were given away as prizes to the winners that night. Peters added that the entire event was very successful and that they are happy about the profits they have earned because it will greatly benefit the scholarship program of Douglas High.

Furthermore, he thanked the generous people from both Minden and Gardnerville, especially volunteer Linda Amati's exceptional work at the Turkey Bingo event. He also thanked the Douglas High School Key Club and Vanessa Ozolins, their adviser, for all the help that they have given throughout the games. Peters further stated that a percentage on the Raffle Draw of the Kiwanis Club will be given to the Douglas High School Key Club for their help.

The Key Club was working with their own fundraiser that night and received about $320 in total donations which will be given to Building Tomorrow, a non-profit group which helps build schools in Kampala, Uganda. Besides helping at the Turkey Bingo, the Key Club also gave 6 turkey dinners to families recommended by the Family Support Council of Douglas County. The Kiwanis Club will hold a "Ham Bingo" event on Easter next year.


Sunday, May 27, 2007
Patrick Simons

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