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ABC Bingo Closes After Twenty Years Due to Sliding Profits

February 26, 2007, the night of the final game at ABC Bingo was very difficult for bingo players, many of which left with their heads hung as the final bingo was called out by the bingo caller.

The ABC Bingo Hall in Mapleview existed for 20 years before the National Multiple Sclerosis, which helps victims of the disease in the area and the main charity in charge of the bingo hall, decided to shut it down due to revenues that continued to slide with every bingo game.

Austin resident, Kim Ross, said that she is very upset about the bingo hall shut down. Ross has been a frequent visitor at the ABC Bingo Hall for several years now. She stated that in addition to enjoying bingo at the hall, she was happy to be able to help a worthy cause.

In May 1988, the bingo hall opened on North Main Street in the Austin Packaging Corporation Building. ABC Bingo Hall Manager, Virginia "Punk" Berg, said that a lot of stories and memories will remain with her long after the ABC Bingo Hall closes. She added that some customers spent important holidays in the bingo hall when most of their families were out of town.

The ABC Bingo Hall moved to their present facility in Mapleview in 1995. An official of the MS Society, Holly Anderson cited that the bingo hall is closing due to the decline in profits and crowds.

Bingo Hall Manager, Virginia Berg and other employees thanked all of the customers as they left the bingo hall. Heidi Minnich, the final winner that night, said that she will miss the staff and all the people she has met in the bingo hall.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Danny Hudson

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