Jackpotjoy Online Bingo Becomes an Online "Cupid" for Couple

The Online Bingo site, Jackpotjoy Online, not only provides customers with an enjoyable and quality gaming experience but also became a sort of online "cupid" for couple Carl, age 32, and Tracey, age 33, who are both bingo players and met each other online. The rest, so they say, is history.

With these changing times, the Internet admittedly, plays a vital role in our everyday lives. People use the internet for different things like for work or for their personal lives. The Internet is also a useful tool for communication even for people who do not live in the same place and the same country, much less people who live on different continents. For that same reason, the internet is also used to meet people who shares the same interests as you are. It may come as a surprise to people that an online bingo site, not a dating site, is the one responsible for bringing two people, who were strangers at first, together.

Jackpotjoy.com is the online bingo site where the two first met and were brought there due to their common love and interest for bingo.

It all started when jackpotjoy.com came up with an idea in lieu of the upcoming Valentines Day which is a blind date, with the main purpose of attracting potential new members to their online bingo site.

Carl and Tracey are some of the players who gamely joined the Blind Date Game. Players used the chatroom to ask fellow players their question. A part of Carl and Tracey's conversation went like this: Carl's first question to Tracey was:'If you were a Pot Noodle, what flavour would you be?'; Tracey's answer:'Hot and Spicy of course!' It seems that fate also had a hand in bringing these two together because if Tracey have not seen the link on the Blind Date game sent to her by jackpotjoy's gaming host Bev, this whole thing would never have happened.

With that, the couple decided to meet up face to face for the first time and they decided London as their meeting place. Tracey's father was skeptical to the whole online dating thing so Carl agreed to come over to Tracey's place. Instead of just meeting Tracey's family, Carl ended up meeting seventy of Tracey's relatives and family, which included her two children.

Everyone gave their blessings to the budding romance and the two eventually made it to London. Carl and Tracey have just good words to say about each other. Tracey says that the main factor in their relationship is having fun and enjoying each other's company. It was love at first sight! Carl agrees, saying that what he likes most about Tracey is that she is always happy and smiling and she's great company.

With that amazing love match, jackpotjoy.com become not only famous for its amazing only gaming but they also become known as a place where their players can have the opportunity to find love online.


Sunday, July 09, 2006
Danny Hudson

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