Free Bingo Games Attract Customers to Bars in North Seattle

Free bingo games are the new hot trend in North Seattle's bars. A fine example is the known China Jade bar at North 86th Street and Greenwood Avenue North in North Seattle. The bar offers bingo games every Saturday morning between 8 and 10. This show of free bingo and drinks had been run by Vicee Olson for more than 3 years by now and more and more people join the bar every week to take part of the free bingo games.

According to Olson free bingo games were just what the people of North Seattle needed, a reasonable cause to get out of the house and meet new people, even though the prizes cannot compete the traditional bingo halls and their prizes.

The prizes vary but usually they are not too expensive and prizes such as a radio controlled toy boat, a lava lamp represent the expensive prizes while the cheap prizes may consist of Mexican chewing gum or drinking glasses, "everyone wants the umbrellas, and the men wish for the tools" said Olson.

As for now the free bingo games venture run by Olson is attracting numerous people every Saturday and this pastime bar activity was adopted by other bars in the area such as the Baranof bar on Greenwood Avenue. For more bingo news and bingo articles feel free to view other sections by Best Online Bingo.

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