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Bingo Ace Lee Walker in Grand Final of the Bingo Caller of the Year Competition

Lee Walker, who is a bingo caller by profession and from Swindon, is in the grand final of the Gala Bingo Caller of the Year competition. Bingo ace Lee as he is known by regular customers and patrons, regularly and everyday calls out "legs eleven" and "two little ducks" at the Gala Club in the Greenbridge Retail Park and will pit his calling skills against eight other Bingo caller hopefuls from across the country.

The Gala Bingo Club in Birmingham is the venue for the Grand Finals of the Gala Bingo Caller of the Year which will be held on Sunday, July 16, 2006 and will be Lee Walker's destination to determine whether he has what it takes to be declared the Gala Bingo Caller of the Year Grand Champion.

Lee would have to demonstrate and showcase his bingo calling ability and skills in front of a live audience at the Gala Bingo Club in Birmingham. He would also be interviewed live on stage to determine his personality and his interaction and camaraderie with the audience especially during his demonstration of his skills.

The criteria that the judges will be basingthree decision on are the callers thoroughness, pace, pronunciation, professionalism and personality. If the bingo caller contestant has all these qualities then he/she will be the winner of the said competition.

Bob Smith of Gala Bingo commented that the bingo caller's job of calling a game of bingo is far more difficult and tedious than most people ever imagined and with such big prize money at stake and the prestige of being the Gala Bingo Caller of the Year Grand Champion, it's vital and very important that the standards in choosing the grand winner are extremely high and precise.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Donna Regan

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