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Vikki March Wins 20,000 UK Pounds Playing Bingo at Mecca

Friday, October 27, 2006, Mum Vikki March is celebrating her joyous and surprising win of more than 20,000 UK Pounds while playing bingo. 19 year-old Vikki March, a resident of Shoebury, says that she was not even thinking of playing bingo that day, she just sort of decided out of the blue to go to the Mecca Bingo Hall located on Greyhound Lane, Southend, after her friend did not meet up with her. But luck seems to be on her side after she won the jackpot at Mecca from the National bingo game and took home loads of cash because of her sudden decision to play bingo.

She usually goes at Mecca every once in a while and she ultimately fell in love with the game. Her friend, who did not meet her that fateful day, had forgotten that they have a scheduled outing that day and was still asleep. So she has decided she would not wait anymore and went to Mecca instead to play bingo. She is still in a daze about her big win and cannot believe that she has really won.

This big win by Vikki comes on the heels of the birth of her daughter, Faith Angel Daisy, just three months ago, so it has been a really good moment for Vikki. She plans to give some of her winnings to her mum, nan and her brother Adam. She also plans to undergo a laser treatment for her eyes so that she could stop wearing her contact lenses and enroll in a driving class and then buy her own car once she passes the driving test. Vikki has also been able to set the record among the bingo players at the 500 Mecca Bingo clubs across Britain for the fastest full house in a bingo game. She was able to achieve the incredible feat in just 42 numbers called by the bingo caller.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Steve Bowen

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