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Bingo Organization Gala Coral to Implement Handheld Consoles Due to the Smoking Ban

On February 19, 2007, one of the largest bingo organizations in the UK, Gala Coral, has decided to use the latest technology available today in order to prevent their customers from leaving in droves since the smoking ban was implemented in England and Wales earlier this year. That technology is handheld consoles. The consoles will allow bingo players to keep playing even when they go outside to smoke.

The Bingo Halls in Scotland took a hard hit when the smoking ban was enforced in the area last March. But since then, profits have stabilized a bit. The bingo halls in England are already preparing themselves for a hit on their bingo profits when the smoking ban is enforced this coming July 2007.

Gala Coral said that they will try to staunch any hit to their sales with the new steps that are geared towards keeping their customers in their seats. They have considered using hand held gadgets so that their players could still go out and play for their cigarette breaks. Gala Coral also plans to put up about 120 of the handheld gadgets at about 170 of their bingo halls.

They are also in the process of applying for a gaming license from the gaming board that will allow their customers to play bingo even outside of the bingo hall. Gala Coral Chief Executive, Neil Goulden, said that the hand-held gadgets will allow their customers to smoke and play simultaneously, while also speeding up the process of the game.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Patrick Simons

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