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Another Bingo Club Robbery

Horrified and fearful bingo players watched in shocked disbelief as a group of balaclava covered suspects armed with machetes and large knives break in the Gala Bingo Club situated in Basildon and took an employee of the club as their hostage.

Customers and Employees alike where ordered to drop to the floor, while one robber grabbed an employee as their hostage and threatened the poor employee at knifepoint.

He then dragged the worker upstairs along with his other buddies to the room where the profits of the bingo club for that particular were stored.

The locked door was only reportedly opened after the band of hooligans banged on it, saying that they have a hostage and if they do not open it, they will do something to the terrified employee.

After grabbing the cash which was reportedly a "five-figure sum", the group, which is reportedly composed of between three and five black or mixed-race men, escaped through the side door of the club and boarded their motorcycles to escape.

Nobody was seriously hurt during the whole ordeal in Broadway. The robbery took place on Sunday, just after 10 p.m. in the evening.

Only the poor employee who was the hostage during the entire incident was really traumatized. Authorities are encouraging people to call them or the Crimestoppers hotline if they have any information.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Patrick Simons

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