Anti-Smoking Regulations Find Dakotas Bingo Halls Ready

Last month the Anti-Smoking regulations came into force and officials from North Dakota find bingo halls obeying them. Though in the past there were sincere worries that the anti-smoking regulations threats bingo halls, but it seems that even though many bingo players smoke that did not stop bingo halls from restricting their clients as stated by North Dakota's officials.

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said "I haven't even heard on any small fines", even after local media reported on a raid at Bingorama in Minot and the Bingo Palace in Grand Forks during the first day when the ban was put into force. Police officers didn't issue fines for bingo players but bingo operators "got the message" as the State Attorney stated one day later this event.

Though many bingo halls try to find some solution that would let bingo players to smoke and play at the same time as for now such solution is no where to be find. The current anti smoking laws are strict enough and cannot be bended by bingo operators, but the State Attorney said it would take under consideration the need to bingo players for authorized-smoking halls.

Mark W. Felten, News Editor. 31/1/2006

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