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Bingo Winners of Newsday Bingo

The Grand Draw for the Newsday bingo game aired on Channel 4 on December 7, 2006. The host of the event, Mairoon Ali, was assisted by Tricia des Isles of Pannell Kerr Foster. A representative from each of the major sponsors of the Newsday Bingo Game was present to pick the winner from the spin barrel.

The Sales Supervisor of City Motors, Brian Gayapersad, picked the winning entry for the Peugeot 307 Sky Wagon, won by Anthony Boynes, the bass guitarist of the band Maloney.

The 4 airline tickets provided by Continental Airlines were won by Eugenia Teemul-Fraser from Tabaquite. Fraser said that she is a regular player of the Newsday Bingo Game, but this is the first time that she was able to win something. She is very excited about preparing and planning for her trip to the United States.

Gina Wharwood of Parts World Ltd, picked the winning entry for the shopping spree voucher of about $15,000, won by Monica Bousigard, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bousigard stated that she is looking forward to shopping for new appliances for her home.

Shiv Joshi, General Manager of the American Stores, was present to pull the winning entry for the $10,000 voucher from the American Stores. The prize was won by Charmaine Caesar of Siparia.


Sunday, December 31, 2006
Patrick Simons

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