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Bingo is the best bet to be a millionaire!

Cambridge's University mathematician Dr. Oliver Johnson declares that bingo is the best bet to be a millionaire. His research showed that bingo and not any other popular gambling game, shows the highest chances of winning a million pounds! Apparently among all the games of chance as poker, roulette, blackjack and even the lottery, a bingo player has the best prospects to win jackpot.

In a massive bingo tournament the jackpot might get to even a million pounds, but the amount of players is still usually around 200,000. Meaning the chance to be a millionaire is 1/200,000. In comparison the chance of winning the UK lottery is 1/1.5 million and the chance to win the British "Who wants to be a millionaire?" is about 1/1.4 million!

Veteran bingo players are already aware of the fact that bingo is the best bet to be a millionaire, as they know how easy is to win (even if not a whole million…). Many testify to the fact that after playing for some time you are bound to win once every while, prizes that range up to hundreds of pounds. Most people believe that this news will lure more and more player to the amazing world of bingo. After all it is scientifically proven that bingo is the best bet to be a millionaire!

Leary Thomas, Editor. 30/8/05

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