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Female Bingo Players Create World Cup Widows Club

Six female bingo fans, who met on an online bingohall site, have created a new web page designed to help woman deal with their husbands and boyfriends who are football fanatics during the recent World Cup football championships.

The site offers suggestions on how to avoid disputes with their respective partners during the World Cup month and provides visitors with chat options so they can comment and express their sentiments and apprehensions and what they really feel.

It also offers links to a variety of activities, particularly online bingo games, that wives and girlfriends can join so they can focus their attention on other things while their football-crazed partners are distracted by the World Cup matches.

Membership to the site is not limited to the female population. It is reported that there are even men who are members of the site already.

Although the site was created by women residing in the UNited Kingdom, they do not restrict membership by where people live. There are already members from around the globe who share a similar dislike of the World Cup, or rather to losing the attentions of their significant other to the games.


Sunday, September 24, 2006
Danny Hudson

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