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Two Mecca Bilston Bingo Hall Members Win Big at The National Bingo Game

On March 7, 2007, lady luck blessed the Bilston Bingo Club with her presence when 2 players won a combined amount of 300,000 UK pounds in total jackpot prizes within just days from each other.

The winner of the 200,000 UK pounds jackpot prize is a 40 year-old mother and resident of Wednesfield. In addition to being a member of the Springvale Way Club since 1998, the winner, who asked to remain anonymous due to security and privacy reasons, also works as a site manager for a cleaning company.

Aside from the 200,000 UK pounds, the lucky winner has taken home the regional prize and the house prizes of 1,403 UK pounds and 250 UK pounds respectively. She said that this is a very happy experience for her and she is glad that she has won the prize. She added that the money she won at the bingo game will also help her and her children have a more comfortable life. They will also be taking a vacation with the winnings.

The other winner, who has taken home the 100,000 UK pounds jackpot, is a 43 year-old bingo player from Dudley. The Mecca Bilston Bingo Hall also had 2 regional winners just last week.

Last Wednesday, a young female player took home around 3,000 UK pounds and a bingo player from Bilston, who is in his early 20's won around 1,100 UK pounds the next day. The Bookmakers in Wolverhampton are already preparing to mourn the closure of the Mecca Bingo Hall in Skinner Street, which will be closed on March 3, 2007.


Thursday, March 29, 2007
Donna Regan

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