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Bingo Event Held at March Conservative Club

One would not think that it is possible, especially in a Bingo event but that night, Mayors and Civic Dignitaries got the opportunity to experience the unusual taste of Fenland life when they were invited to a bingo and bangers night held at the March Conservative Club.

The celebration at March Club was no ordinary bingo night. It was the very first event that was organized by Councilor Jan French in her first year in her position as Mayor of March.

The bingo fundraiser that night raked in a total of 530 UK Pounds, which will be added to the the funds that have been raised throughout the whole year by Councilor Jan French and after that, it will be handed collectively to the local non-profit organizations once her term in office comes to an end.

Councilor Jan French commented that the whole night had been successful and fun and they thought that they should offer something different and they were not mistaken as everybody enjoyed the whole affair. One guest even commented to Councilor Jan French that the event have brought him some pretty nostalgic memories as he met his wife while playing Bingo at Gt Yarmouth almost 40 years ago.

The prizes for the bingo night were donated by the local businesses in the area and some friends of Councilor Jan French.

The Bingo Caller for the night was Cambs Times news editor John Elworthy who acted as the Master of Ceremonies as well for the event and he also have taken the task of explaining the rules of the games to some of the visitors.


Thursday, August 17, 2006
Donna Regan

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