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Three Friends Lose in Vegas Gambling Trip but Win Big at Local Bingo

Three best friends returned from their gambling escapade to Las Vegas with nothing, but ended up celebrating on December 21, 2006 after winning the 300,000 pound jackpot prize from a bingo hall in their town. The three friends, Jane Horsfield, Kim Kurypta, and Heather Martin lost 200 pounds during their disastrous holiday in Las Vegas, but their luck suddenly changed after Heather Martin won 91,000 pounds at her local Mecca Bingo Hall and split the cash with her playing buddy, Kim Kurypta.

Then, just days later, Jane Horsfield hit the big time with her 201,300 GBP Jackpot win at the National bingo game in Britain, where she bested 700,000 bingo players across the country. 44 year-old, Horsfield, who works at a bakery, has been a regular bingo patron for the past 15 years and has never won more than 700 pounds before this big break. She met her friends, Kim Kurypta and Heather Martin, who have been friends for almost 30 years at the bingo hall almost 6 years ago. They usually play together at the hall about 3 times a week. Jane Horsfield said that it is absolutely amazing that you save up for months just to go to Las Vegas, lose all that money in a flash, and then go home and win 300,000 pounds in a span of only 3 times.

Horsfield said that she was actually in the rest room when she hit a Bingo!, but luckily, her sister Julie was continued to mark the numbers on her cards and when she came back, her sister was just yelling and waving. Nobody could imagine such a thing in a small town, but it just goes to show that you should not close your mind to things that can suddenly happen. The trip to Las Vegas cost around 700 GBP each and was actually arranged by 58 year-old Jenny Witcombe, Manager of the Ladies Local Mecca Bingo Hall located in Bridgwater. The three ladies roomed together on the trip to save their money, but then blew it all on the slots machines. What seemed like an empty Christmas for the three suddenly changed on Thursday, almost 3 weeks after their trip to Las Vegas.

Both restaurant owners, 47 year-old Heather Martin and 46 year-old Kim Kurypta, will each take home a prize of nearly 46,000 pounds. The three winners considered buying a convertible and doing some major shopping, but they reached the logical conclusion that it would be best to invest the money instead. Nonetheless, they do plan on taking another trip to Las Vegas.


Sunday, December 31, 2006
Patrick Simons

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