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Online Bingo Growing As Scottish Smoking Ban Begins

With the implementation of the no smoking policy in enclosed spaces and establishments all over Scotland recently, restaurants, pubs and entertainment establishments are suffering the backlash of the decision. The online bingo industry is ecstatic though as the ban is driving their membership and revenues up.

Lately, players who are playing bingo on the online bingo sites have seen the rapid rise in the number of bingo players from Scotland who have only recently joined after the bans implementation, as they chose to continue to play the game that they love with only a change of venue, within the confines of their homes where they can still smoke.

The effect of the smoking ban can already be seen since its implementation three months ago. Five bingo halls have been forced to close down after their respective operators saw their revenues drop almost in half after players, especially smokers, have no choice but to obey the law and not play as much as they would three months ago in bingo halls due to the ban.

In contrast, online bingo sites in Scotland have seen new memberships shoot up to a staggering 400 percent growth rate according to


Sunday, October 01, 2006
Danny Hudson

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