News archive january 2005

A Statewide Bingo Game

A new proposal in Missouri has the bingo community in a frenzy of excitement. There is a new proposal for a statewide bingo game that will have bingo players from all over the state play by Internet and with a prize that is ten times what the state normally allows.

The new proposal come as a result of the new casino ships that all but ruined all the old bingo halls. The situation has become that in the south people are becoming more and more ambivalent toward the old bingo halls, since the new casino ships are more interesting and there are many more attractions in store for all of them.

However, bingo is still a very popular games all over the Unites states, and it is mainly popular in the big cities such as New York and Los Angeles. There, bingo is a big hit and has many followers among the church goers who feel that are enjoying a healthy game of bing and helping a worthy cause as well. This is especially important for the most avid and devout bingo players, who feel that they have to help some one else instead of just themselves.

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