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Mecca Bingo to Help Their Customers Quit Smoking

The bingo players in Black County could be asked to enroll in courses that will help them kick their cigarette habit when the smoking ban will be enforced this coming summer. On February 17, 2007, the top officials at Mecca Bingo said that it is one of the ways that they could think of in order to help their customers cope with the ban.

Mecca has been forced to think of ways to protect their profits from falling drastically since the smoking ban was enforced on July 1, 2007 because most of their customers smoke. The spokesman for Rank, Max Wylde, commented that Rank is considering many ways to help their customers stop smoking.

Rank stated that Mecca is looking for various ways to help their customers quit smoking. They feel that they should be an example to other companies because they will also benefit from this action. If their players do not need to smoke or go out at every break during the games, it will have a good effect on Mecca's profits.

The bingo industry was stunned by the Mecca Bingo's announcement this week. The company announced that they will be closing down 9 of their branches. The smoking ban was one of the primary reasons why Mecca has decided to make this move.

However, some of the bingo regulars in the affected areas are angry with the decision and have decided to file a petition in protest. They claim that the bingo hall is only appropriate for shoppers that want to take a break during their shopping time in the center. The Mecca Bingo branches in Springvale Way, Bilston, Brierley Hill, West Bromwich, Oldbury, Wednesbury, Telford and Birmingham will apply to build shelters for smokers during the Bingo games.

The branches that will be closed are Fulham, Islington, Kingston-upon-Hull, Liverpool, Reading, Sheffield, Swansea and Welling. Many officers from the council will begin patrolling public establishments once the smoking ban is enforced. Anyone caught violating the law will get a 50 pound fine.

The council has been given 29.5 million pounds for the regulation of the smoking ban. The environmental head for Wolverhampton Pat Byrne, said that there will be a lot of undercover officers patrolling the public areas in the city.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Danny Hudson

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