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Delaware Officials Implement No-Smoking Policy in Bingo Halls and Restaurants

December 31, 2006, the main backers of a smoking ban by-law aimed at prohibiting smoking in local public buildings and businesses in the area were finally assured that the air in the city will be smoke free in 2007 and the years to come, after having previous proposals blocked.

Following the moves by communities around the country and others closer to home, like in the Indianapolis area, last February 21st, the Delaware County Commissioners unanimously approved the countrywide smoking ban that would cover restaurants, bowling alleys and bingo halls with the support of such groups as the Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and the Ball Memorial Hospital. This may very well have an effect on the popularity of bowling and the game of bingo.

The smoking ban does not include private homes, residences, bars and private clubs. Some establishments had already taken the necessary steps to prohibit or just limit smoking in their businesses, like the Olive Garden relegating smoking just for their bar areas back in 2005 and the Osborn's Country Kitchen in Yorktown, which implemented their own smoking ban in April.

Other businesses have begun making changes with the start of the smoking ban on July 15th. Nonetheless, other businesses still do not follow the smoking ban. Brother Jimmy's Bar and Grill in Yorktown was reprimanded for not following the ban. The establishment later agreed that they would follow the smoking ban and then asked for a variance based on the use of the air cleaners.

Back in October, the commissioners did not motion to change the ordinance to exempt the retirement homes from the area despite repeated warnings from the Indiana Health Care Association, which commented that the federal law allowed nursing homes occupants to smoke.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Patrick Simons

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