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Armed Robbers Raided the Gala Bingo Hall in Brighton

The Gala Bingo Hall located on Freshfield Road in Brighton was raided for the second time in just a span of 3 months. The robbery took place on November 20, 2006 around 9:30 p.m. after the bingo games that night ended. The employees at the Bingo Hall were held at knife point by the 3 robbers who got away with thousands of pounds that the bingo hall earned that night.

Although many of the employees and customers were badly scared by the incident, no one was seriously injured. According to witnesses, the suspects were 6 ft tall, of slim build, and dressed in black outfits. They approached the 5 employees in the refreshment area of the bingo hall where most of the customers gather to play fruit machines and chat. One of the suspects grabbed a member of the staff and commanded the rest to lead them to where the money is being kept and then filled a bag with the money.

The whole scene lasted for about 5 minutes before the robbers fled the scene through the Gala Bingo Hall's side entrance. Authorities believe that the suspects may have left the area by riding a black Mazda which was seen by witnesses being driven incorrectly on the Eastern Road.

He further added that the customers inside the Bingo Hall were not harmed, but were badly shaken because of the incident. One person suffered a cut, but it was not from a knife wound. He was pushed by one of the suspects. The incident at the Gala Bingo Hall brings a striking resemblance to another robbery that took place in August when 3 suspects wearing masks and armed with a shotgun robbed about 10,000 UK Pounds.


Sunday, May 20, 2007
Patrick Simons

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