Cow Plop Bingo Winner Announced

The organizers of the "Cow Plop Bingo" contest are contemplating of postponing the contest after high winds blew through and threathened the Meredith Dairy Festival, but one of the cows in the Festival, Firebelle was determined to push through her assigned job for the whole fair.

According to the Meredith Dairy Festival spokeswoman, Mary Hamilton, Firebelle completed her task of marking the winning square in the "Cow Plop Bingo" contest. Firebelle finished her task of marking the winning square amidst the turbulent winds before returning to her stall.

She also added that she completed her task but with the wind blowing so strongly there was a possibility that it would have landed somewhere and not on the designated numbered square.

The winner was 48 year old Mark Robbins of West Oneonta. According to him, he purchased the ticket for the festivities fromfellow co-worker firefighter Ernie Truscott. He added that he is a member of the Laurens Fire Department and he always supports any activities of the area fire department.

The "Cow Plop" Bingo contest was sponsored by the Meridale and Andes fire departments in cooperation with the Franklin, East Meredith and Delhi fire departments in the other areas.

When asked on what is his plans for his winnings, Marks Robbins said that he will use some of it to buy gas to run portable pumps so that it can help empty people's basements after a big flood and the remaining portion of it he will give to his wife.

According to John Hamilton, the "Cow-Plop" Bingo event has been an integral part pf the dairy festival since its first inception. About four to six games of bingo are played annually and it is always gratifying that you can see visitors to the event enjoying themselves and having so much fun.


Monday, July 31, 2006
Danny Hudson

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