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Bingo is a game of chance, but the bingo player doesnt really have moves or decide anything. If one were to device a bingo system it would have to deal with either predicting the numbers that are likely to be drawn or managing the way bingo bets are wagered. There are no game-time decision strategies for bingo that can be devised for a bingo player.

This bingo strategy guide is for the players that are into bingo for money. Those who only wish to spend quality time might actually find some of the advisory in this bingo guide unpleasant, and are in fact advised to do the opposite.

A reliable and stable bingo strategy will first and foremost include understanding of the bingo odds. At the very least, bingo players should be able to assess the chances in the game. If the odds for a bingo game are bad, don't play it. This is especially true for online casino bingo games, as you have a vast and instantly available choice of virtual bingo tournaments and a lot of helpful material (such as manuals, reviews, directories and bingo jackpot tracking sites). Again, don't play the bingo games with poor odds.

In order to be able to tell whether the bingo game is nice or not, you will have to consider a lot of factors. How many cards are in the game? How much does a card cost? What are the chances you will cover the card, and how many possible variations of covering the bingo cards are there? Which bingo bonuses are available so that you don't have to spend real money?

As in all casino games, bingo payoffs will be proportional to the odds in this particular game (they are however not the same in bingo). An experienced bingo player would not build an entire bingo calculation scheme to estimate the odds quickly; rather, he or she would look up the bingo card payoff and the price of a bingo card for that game. Compared to other games, bingo has a relatively low payout: typically a bingo venue would keep 20-40 percent of the revenue, making the payout between 60% and 80%. 80% is a very optimistic number for most of bingo games. You should make it an important point of consideration when playing bingo.

Consider bonuses and deals. For instance, some bingo venues would offer a pack of cards at a discount rate, so every individual bingo card would come out cheaper. There might be tricks like limited validity of the cards or special conditions one needs to achieve for jackpot that are specific only to the discount bingo cards. All in all however you might find yourself better satisfied with a pack deal of bingo cards than buying them individually.

Depending on the conditions, playing multiple bingo cards at once might or might not be a good idea. The general agreement in the bingo community is that multiple card bingo improves your chances, but as they say on the wild Internet, your mileage may vary. Bingo is not as well studied as Blackjack so bingo players should rely on their gut feeling more than the hearsay of the bingo community. In all of gambling and of course in bingo, advantage of any kind, however small, is crucial for the victory. Whenever you get a chance to use a bingo bonus or a deal for an advantage over other players, especially when playing against amateur bingo community - grab it!

Of course, the number of the cards played avertly affects odds for the bingo game. Some human psychology can help you when you're trying to decipher the nature of this bingo game. What kind of community is playing this bingo session? Are they amateurs or are they bingo veterans? Does this bingo session attract players? Ironically, a session with worse bingo payouts might attract less players and have the same odds as a session with better payouts but more players. In bingo odds, it's all in the equasion which can't always be even calculated mathematically. Bingo is one of the games where instinct and luck is needed to play successfully. Odd as it sounds, an experienced bingo player would go to the worst bingo sessions when he or she would play for the sake of money or bingo prizes. The least attractive the game conditions are, the less players will attend, and less cards would be played, so the odds would be better. In really bad game conditions, however, expect only the seasoned bingo players to show up - they know the secret as well. Bingo odds tend to equalize themselves!

Plan your budget. Ask yourself how much money you're willing to risk, and don't cross the line after you've decided. It's true for bingo as much as it is true for any other games. Never return your wins into the bankroll fund, and consider the relationship between the money won and the money lost.

Avoid ridiculous and useless myths of Bingo such as lucky bingo numbers or cards. There's no such thing. Cards are printed randomly, and so are drawn numbers from the lot. There's no magic or coincidence or special probabilities in bingo; don't let anyone fool you into buying a specially expensive "lucky" card. Remember the rule: if it really worked, no one would have sold it to you.

Sometimes there are supplemental "lucky" items sold at the bingo conventions. Indeed, those will not in any way improve your odds. They might have some sort of sentimental significance, but no other positive outcome can be expected by a fellow bingo players from those otherwise useless items, as well as special clothes, hats, fragrances, acts of idolatry or any other new age stuff that has nothing to do with the bingo reality. Your perception is not the same as objective reality of bingo; while you might choose to stick to a particular pattern in bingo cards, seats, clothes or the like as it makes you feel better, don't count on those to improve your actual chances.

We recommend to ignore the amateur advice on bingo playing systems, as it's often produced by people with less than little exposure to the probability mathematics if not just made up on the spot. There are various contradicting and equally funny bingo theories that shouldn't at the very least be taken seriously or, worse, might form a pattern of bingo play that will actually decrease your bingo chances in the long run. Just like in roulette, outcomes of bingo rounds are not related to each other as every new round introduces the same balls randomly remixed up much in the same way as online casinos do with card deck reshuffling.

Probably the best way to convince you as the wouldbe bingo player not to stick with someone else's amateur bingo theories is to get your own bingo kit and play in your spare time.


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