News archive january 2005

Anti-Smoking Laws threated Bingo Halls

There has been a decline in the participation of the old and seasoned bingo players in bingo halls since the new anti smoking laws. Many bingo players like to light up while playing a friendly game in the bingo hall. However, since there are so many people for whom smoking is for them an obligation, many have opted to stay at home rather than play bingo.

Of course, not all bingo players smoke, but a large proportion of them do, and it is very important for them that they do smoke while playing bingo. As the more and more bingo hall prohibit smoking, the same bingo halls find their customers dwindling. For many players, smoking while playing is seen as a matter of course, and refuse to give it up for the sake of a bingo game.

There is no easy answer to give those players who must smoke at all times and especially while playing bingo. However, it remains to be seen if the new smoking laws will all but close down many bingo halls, of if the laws will work and the smokers will indeed quit smoking. Only the future will tell what the will be the fate of the bingo halls.

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